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A track worked out by ColdPlasma. The idea behind it is that America today is as fragmented as the German nation states once were. Large and small groups are gradually destroying the once-great nation just to be right and for the sake of its own benefit. So this piece is fragmented into many parts, longer and shorter, Brutale, crazy or rather gentle parts. But I have not given up hope, as the end shows. Enjoy: D
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Crazy Fusion


francisco al
ótimo mix. bom trabalho, amigo frankyguitar+1
May 14 2018 21:39:16
francisco al
frankyguitar Muito obrigado Francisco !! Estou muito feliz por você ter feito muito trabalho com todo o meu trabalho musical. Google. +0
it is good how your music is conveying this deeper meaning franky its a positive way to express your valid opinions and arguements, in a world today that so often produces the negative. Clever use of the different parts to accentuate the atmosphere create the frictions and fragnmentations and yet leave room for hope:)
Bravo my friend we need as much hope as we can get:W
May 12 2018 09:53:59
frankyguitar Thank you very much Peter!!
I really think the main problem is the greed for money!!! everything is sacrificed to this greed. The foresight is limited only until the next trading day. Profit, more profit and even more profit. Why? Many politicians and managers of the big corporations are the true Ferengi. :(:@
May 12 2018 11:56:52
PJE Sadly so true “their culture is characterized by a mercantile obsession with profit and trade, and constant efforts to swindle an unwary public & customers into unfair deals”. +1
This track, despite its different parts is a true success. Transitions are very well done. And I share your political views. Fragmentation of our nations is a reality.
Instead of ensuring that people can be tolerant toward their compatriots, our politicians divide minds and oppose communities with each other ... Sadly.
It makes me sick too. And the most extreme political parties do not stop growing during the time. And Hate wins many hearts.

No great nation is now safe from a possible civil war .... This is what I fear if no politician is able to see the wrath of his own people.:(
Bravo ColdPlasma !
March 05 2018 07:40:12
frankyguitar Thank you very much Agnèss !!
I feel the same, think we go to troubled times. Not nice... :(
May 11 2018 10:44:55
PJE Success franky, that so many here are debating and thinking about your tracks thought provoking subject....I believe that in the past right or wrong our leaders had principles.....Politicians today have none and are only interested in the pursuit of power/wealth for its/their own sake....sad thought I know to bundle them all together like this but have all the real human leaders been lost? +2
May 12 2018 09:40:31
frankyguitar Thank you for your kind words a new your thoughts about my friend. I'm with you, today, so seems me, politics are only in herself interested. Maybe we will get better times with humans as leaders. +1
Very creative Franky!!! I share your same concerns!!!! I feel the MAJOR test is if our checks and balances institutions will restore the vision of our Founding Fathers.+2
March 04 2018 21:17:07
frankyguitar Thank you so much Dan! It's a sad story I think...
I hope they all will remind this vision :)
Really Excellent track Franky:)+1
February 25 2018 21:31:32
frankyguitar Thanx very much Pete :D Ron and myself tried the best. A difficult track with crazy parts :W and much fun to do :) +1
:W ColdPlasma ROCKS :W
Frank, another wonderful final mix my Friend.
Soon we will have enough for our first album:D
February 25 2018 15:54:56
frankyguitar I hope Ron :W
We work hard for it together :D
Super creative and awesome original music:D:D:D:D+1
February 25 2018 09:26:59
frankyguitar Thank you very much David! Ron has a great performance with the bass here:W :D +1
Quite heavy but I feel that you think right. Our prime minister (Trudeau) in Canada also contributes to fragment the country as it happens in USA.
We can do a difference at the next election.
February 25 2018 09:25:52
frankyguitar Thank you so much Robert! From Canada we hear much less than from the US (Trump is always in the news) and I would like to know some more about the politics in your country. May I get much more angry :@ but it's not so good for my heart :| +2
February 25 2018 15:10:36
mortheol Hey Frank, from my perspective our good friends to the north are some very good people:) In many was we share a strong common bond together and have (I believe) mutually prospered because of our close relationship.
I love Canada and Canadians a lot....GREAT People, beautiful country!! I go there often for work and pleasure, it is not far from where I live. They do many things right in their country but like any place on Earth they also have some issues. They are a very polite people and good at laying low..and I mean that with all respect.
February 25 2018 15:16:00
ROBJOL You won't be agrry because our prime minister is a clown.
Have a look:
February 25 2018 15:19:06
mortheol LOL..Rob I wont say anything:| seeing as we have a guy in office here who looks like a giant "Oompa Loompa" from WillyWonka :o +3
Yesss Franky! The music that paints political and social reality is a powerful weapon! I admire this your approach and I think that listening reflects the reality of the facts. Congratulations not only musically but for how you wnow look beyond! :)+4
February 25 2018 09:19:46
frankyguitar Thank you so much Stefano!! I also like lovesongs or so, but can not do. I'm an old angry man about the world as it is. And to pay for all has the little man! +2
February 25 2018 09:54:32
Stef I understand you perfectly, but unfortunately the story has never taught anything to men because their memory is short and always will be. +2
February 25 2018 10:10:37
frankyguitar Learning is not a strength of the mankind... +2
February 25 2018 15:25:44
mortheol Frank..That it the truth!!:o +1
Wow Franky !!!! Wieder eine fantastische Komposition! Du bist sehr vielseitig. Ich bewundere das. Kompliment!!!!!!:)+1
February 25 2018 09:08:43
frankyguitar :D Dankeschön René :W Ich mach so Kram halt gerne und der Bass von Ron gibt die notwendige Tiefe und Substanz. :) +0
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