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Added Ambient Guitar to Dafunkydrummer's pop beat. (
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really need a body of work to comment efficiently! So start laying down more sweet ambient jams! or whatever blows your way. That way, surely, "who you are", as a player, will come out the more tracks you score.

You should use excellent musicians like a French guy named Tofezgrit, and a Canadian name StJRay as a goal to shoot for in excellence and another guy named Major3rd, or Arnosolo or Adu(a little more ROCKy)
Sure I'm leaving out at least 400 others!
February 27 2018 18:38:21
carlm3 Thanks for the input! Will look at these artists and try and record better. +1
Laid back, sounds like you enjoyed playing....good job!+1
February 27 2018 18:32:32
carlm3 Thank you. Yes I really like the ambient effect on guitar and acoustic also. +0
Hey carlm & welcome to the wild 'loops :)
I just listened all the way thru - not sure how you feel about the track yourself, to me it seemed as if the chords came out slightly detuned sometimes? No offense meant, just saw you asking for feedback in the shoutbox earlier :)
you do not need to reference the opriginal track in the descripton, as you can tell looking at the publishhed track, it is quite obvious who played these drums :)
February 27 2018 18:36:25
carlm3 Hello, thanks for your comment also. I labeled this song as guitar practice and used a beginner guitar which needs an action adjusment. Will make the changes to the description though to take out the reference. Thank you very much for your input. :) +1
welcome to wikiloops ! if i can give you one useful advice that can stick with you an entire musician lifetime : always check your tuning before you record anything ;)+1
nice to have you with us the loops carlm :)+1
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