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Blame SoulSushi for the title!
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Bunch of Corny Dogs [img][/img]+1
March 02 2018 23:26:06
Anon518 Lmao! +1
Great chillout kind of lounge track, yes it is xray porn cause it has the ability to take you into a visual xperience while listening to the music, but since xray radiation is invisible then everything has to be imagination......I think I get it :)+2
February 28 2018 22:52:10
Anon518 No. I put a new profile photo up, SoulSushi said it looked like X~Ray Porn! It was more like Pop Art - Andy Warhole style, but it was black and white, like an X~Ray. +2
February 28 2018 23:24:08
jussef63 You have to admit I have quite a good imagination then lol +1
February 28 2018 23:27:16
Anon518 Yeah, until you freak out :P +1
Just got back from a snow filled walk on the way home from work....I heard this... :) Nice chilled, downtempo track.+1
February 28 2018 18:36:30
Anon518 From chilled :) +1
February 28 2018 18:38:16
pconey yes, cool! or it could be from chilly to willy? Well I didnt use those name tags or decided on the song title! :D +0
February 28 2018 18:49:28
Anon518 Oh my God. said it Lol
Funny how it’s all men here...I can out~banter the lot of you! :D
February 28 2018 18:52:59
pconey Ha! dont be too sure about that one Stella!...... +1
February 28 2018 19:27:05
Anon518 :P +1
Ohhhh yeah...XRAY porn my favorite:o:P
But I digress..:|
I feel this was "clickbait"!!!
Seriously Stella..a wonderful moody ambient track:)
Bookmarking this one for later;)
February 28 2018 16:23:50
Anon518 Clickbait?!! :|
It’s musical art imagery!
Stella , Stella , Stella....before i even clicked on this, I closed my eyes and said "Relativity? Who are the horn dogs on the Loops and I bet everyone of them is attracted to this track."Sure enough...Hey Egil! Hey Franky......
When I was in my 20s , I was fortunate that I learned Xrays , Lasers, Robots and I started out repairing all the Xrays at the major hospitals around Chicago. 10 out of 10 times, the Xray porn WAS NOT anyone you want to see clothed let alone Xrayed.I used to go to Joliet State Prison where they filmed the Blues Brothers and alot of famous seriel killers were incarcerated. I did the mammography Xrays in the womens division., As a twenty year old, I can tell you , walking into prisons womens medical area, with women inmates and me being in my 20's , I was fresh meat to them. The things they would tell me they wanted as I walked past them to fix the Xray would make a construction worker blush. Trust me on this...I hope you never ever view Xray Porn and thank you for stirring up some disturbing memories! :P Otherwise ...great track!
February 28 2018 15:23:25
Anon518 Sorry for your trauma! :|
I’m a good girl really!!! :)
February 28 2018 18:11:41
eGiL Who you calling a horn dog?! :D +3
February 28 2018 23:12:16
frankyguitar The funny thing is, I saw maybe yesterday or the day before in article in FB that some scientists has a cuple, you know what, doing it in a MRI, and they has posted a little movie about. I can say, this is only interesting for medic and biologist..... ;) +2
March 02 2018 23:14:00
ArkRockStudio [img][/img] +2
March 02 2018 23:19:43
LeftTheLoops9-18 Hey eGil...ever see a virtual mirror before. Look up ^^^^^^ +2
March 02 2018 23:21:09
eGiL Lol, you really out to get me :O +2
March 02 2018 23:34:49
Anon518 Ahhhh...Egil's one of nicest guys on here. +1
March 02 2018 23:39:08
LeftTheLoops9-18 If we didnt like the little corn dog , we wouldnt pick on him! +3
I really like this track, but it also makes me think, men and women think of porn very differently...+1
February 28 2018 15:24:52
Anon518 Yes...I am from are from Mars!!! +2
Nice, but I'm genuinely only here to fix the plumbing.+4
February 28 2018 13:57:49
BuzzBomber Hahahahaha! +0
February 28 2018 15:35:06
petebass :D:D +0
I saw some crazy stuff like this in FB (MRI), crazy and it is not sexy LOL :D :D :D
But your track it is StellaBaby !! Sounds very cool, super template, crying for more :W :D
February 28 2018 11:52:38
Anon518 More?
Depends FrankyBaby, how long my craziness will last :|
When I feel like sh*t I get rebellious.
February 28 2018 11:57:37
frankyguitar I hope I am not the reason that you do not feel well :| +0
February 28 2018 12:20:36
Anon518 Lol 😜 How can it be your fault +1
February 28 2018 12:25:08
frankyguitar Exactly, where I'm such a nice guy :D
Old? yes, ugly? yes, angry? yes, but nice :D :D :D
February 28 2018 14:44:00
petebass :D:D:D +1
soulsushi DOES sound like an X-ray porn soundtrack :D:D:D+1
February 28 2018 11:50:41
Anon518 Your fault for turning my arty~ness into an X~Ray! Hmmppphhhh!! +1

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