Am Somebody, Not Just Anybody

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United States
Keys, Percussion & Vocals:
soulsushi82 jams
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Hip Hop, Funk, Street Jam


kinda like this track, but can't help but wonder:
Are you really 100% sure all of this recording was originally recorded by yourself? We don't like to see stuff that might get the loops into trouble over copyyright infringement, so please excuse my asking.
If what I hear here was exclusively recorded by yourself, never mind my comment and go on :)
Hmmm. this feels like it could be something.+1
March 11 2018 00:56:39
soulsushi Not just anything, but 1st Amendment says: "Say whatcha wanna!!!" Do feel free to add. Thanks for the listen!!! :) +0
Nice my friend, gotta love the percs here, they steal the show with the bass+1

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