I Think My Pisces is Showing...

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This is a highly improvisational experiment in harmony (ear play). A little messy toward the end but still nice... Listening to Marceys and WhiteDrum55 jamming was too fun to resist! :D with love, moonchild
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occasionally chaotic, pisces, schmazz


such a cool song ! thanks for the talent :)+0
Thanks for the ride, it's been a nice trip.+1
Ey up duck! I think you need to write a tad plainer as regards to words. I don’t understand what this song is about.+2
Ya! dats a my Favoritest!+1
A Pisces...fishing for compliments? Yea, you deserve them. Clever lyrics and delivery. Love the way you weave your lines and harmonies.+1
March 04 2018 01:02:46
moonchild As far as compliments go, I can admit to enjoying them maybe too much? I’ve heard that artists are their own worst critics and certainly I have focused too much on the negative to the point where I would never have dared to share my music in the past. Now, I look forward to the opportunity to share and receive compliments, I feel validated and like I might belong somewhere.... but that doesn’t last long and intellectually I understand that it’s because validation and belonging can only come from an inner sense, self-Love, self-realization. That being said, I am human and have become in a way dependent on “positive” compliments for my sense of worth. I guess this is a common complaint about my generational group. Even in this response, I feel the need to explain myself for fear that people may misunderstand my motives. Oh well, this is a great reminder about my priorities and perspective... so thanks for your comment!! The lyrics come to me and I choose those words, come to me, intentionally. The delivery? I hear the melodies and try my best to emulate them though certain things seem to get in the way with that process.... All in all, I enjoy what comes through me to an extent and feel compelled to continue. (End rant) +4
March 04 2018 02:00:28
Wade I can assure you it has nothing to do with any generation and many here think and feel exactly the same way regardless of age.

When we are in "sit back mode" our egos crave recognition. When in creative mode and you are one with your music and totally engaged, then the music flows through you. If your ego is allowed to come to the fore, the creativity stops. There are obvious difficulties when the process requires technical work (multiple recordings, editing, etc.), yet if we can engage ourselves or be (temporary) slaves to our art, then the results can be spectacular.

I think most here can recognize those musicians who are an indistinguishable part of their music as compared to those who are competent technical players. No value judgement...just reality.

You, my dear, are your music. Tell your ego to sit in the back seat and just enjoy the ride.
March 04 2018 04:20:03
DrStrgeglv Such sage advice from wade!

Sometimes when a person is extremely gifted... nobody wants to feed their ego because they figure you hear it enough- or they hate you for what you got. Physical "beauty" is a superficial example, but easier to track. You've worked hard and precisely enough to earn your RIGHT to confidence... which is a nice place.
Wow....this is like experiencing Cajun/Creole cuisine with its multilayered depth...very tasty, indeed!!! :) :D :)+0
March 03 2018 21:38:40
moonchild Mmmm, sounds wonderful!!! :D thanks for the metaphor, soulsushi! +1
B) I Had to look up the meaning of two words.
:@ I thought when you get old you become wise
March 03 2018 21:38:21
moonchild The definition I have of wisdom is "knowledge applied" so maybe it doesn't have to come with age? ;) The dictionary is my treasure chest! +1
March 04 2018 01:08:51
GBD My treasure chest is Google :o +1
Groovy! Wild harmonies, very innovative!+0
March 03 2018 21:33:28
moonchild Thanks for listening, Grathy :D <3 Wild is a nice word for them. +0
Well, isn’t this a clever little idea 🤔 Child. It's amazing what you can find on other peoples profiles isn't it?+1
March 03 2018 21:27:55
moonchild Hehe, not sure what you mean but I did have fun here :) +0
March 03 2018 21:37:08
Anon518 Really? I’m not that stupid. +0
March 03 2018 21:39:40
moonchild Feel free to message me in private if there's something you'd like to discuss! +0
March 03 2018 21:44:01
Anon518 Brave enough to sing and upload it...not brave enough to comment here. Ha! +0
March 03 2018 21:47:58
moonchild Nothing more I can say since I don't know what you're talking about. +0
March 03 2018 22:04:47
Anon518 Doh +2
Ah yeah! So much cool harmonies you lay down here! Jazzy colours all arround....supercool what you did!

Great to see your lyrics too, there are words in it i didn't even know they existed! :) :)
March 03 2018 21:26:15
moonchild Hahaha, trying some different words/colors out.... :D Thanks again for a cool jam! +1

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