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Hi Loopies .. say hello to my new awesome Takamine Nex .. Came in yesterday, I bought it from a guy who had too many guitars (as he thought..) I'm super happy!! Thank you guys for this wonderful song I could play along to make her part of the family!!


Really nice pickin'+0
June 26 2018 23:12:53
Offfocus Thank you very much, Gemmy - you seem to have had a safari though my Showcase :) Thank you very much.. makes me really proud and happy!! +1
Wonderful add!!! Fits like a glove :)+0
May 07 2018 23:27:59
Offfocus Hi Bo .. so sorry .. obviously I missed your super nice compliment!! Thank you.. makes me very happy!! +1
Wonderful stuff Pat - always liked this song - now it's even better!+0
March 03 2018 19:42:55
Offfocus Hi Groove .. thganks so much!! I had an intensive look at your gtrack .. decided at the end for ernie's because of the mix.. but your bass line was killer here!! +1
March 03 2018 19:56:44
GrooveEnth ha - I'd forgotten I'd even played on it! Listening back the bass was far too loud and boomy so I think you made the right choice! :) +0
March 03 2018 21:59:48
Offfocus Thanks man .. I'm happy you see it this way!! +1
francisco al
ótimo solo, Offfocus. Solo bem colocado. E pra mim, está ótimo o solo e som do teu instrumento. bom trabalho, amigo Offfocus. E todos os som instrumental estão ótimo. um dia eu chego lá+0
March 03 2018 15:51:47
francisco al
Offfocus Ho Francisco my good friend .. thanks so much! I would immediately give the sound away to have your capabilities on the guitar .. shall we swap ?? :):) +0
March 04 2018 04:38:26
francisco al
francisco al Se você quiser, você faz melhor de que eu. Eu garanto que você é um musico profissional. eu sou um musico amador. eu faço as musicas com muito trabalho. eu vou criando aos pedaço. quando eu termino a musica, eu teria que aprender minha própria musica. muito obrigado
Offfocus; por me considerar um de vocês
March 04 2018 07:50:48
francisco al
Offfocus Oh .. you make me really happy!! But no .. Wikiloops is the only place where I'm doing music nowadays .. So it is very wonderful that I love to hear your music and you like mine .. and although we would never have met in "real life" we can chat and listen to each other and even to some stuff together .. this is pretty awesome!! +0
wow nice man, sounds great, I'd forgotten about this tune, thanks for bringing it back with your upgrade, so nice to hear you playing your new guitar on this :):D+0
March 03 2018 14:24:43
Offfocus Thanks Ernie!! :D:D +1
WELL DONE MY FRIEND. Your Takamine has a really good sound, and well played.
I own one Takamine. Don't use often but always there when I need a country sound.
March 03 2018 13:53:48
Offfocus Thanks Rob .. I love this Tak.sound .. allways hitchhiked my son's .. now he has moved :|:| +0
March 03 2018 14:06:18
ROBJOL The major problem owning many guitars is that it costs a fortune for strings and the hastle of changing strings. And I have to adjust the necks 2 times a year. But there a worst problems in life. +1
yep :) cool take and welcome to the guitar in the family ! glad you had fun !+0
March 03 2018 13:26:43
Offfocus :D:D +1

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