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HURRICANE II ↑↑↑ Drums: Mika Tohve ↑ Sequencer: JEF29730 ↑ Bass: Onorium ↑ Keys: MarcMontic ↑ Vocals & Percussions: B↑WITCH
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I want to be clear and sincere, this remix sucks, too loud, annoying and meaningless.+1
March 03 2018 17:51:32
BALLADYNA I know that this atmosphere can be destabilizing for the artists accustomed to the more conventional realities, and hard to understand for them.
But "hard to understand" doesn't means "meaningless". It only means it for who could not reach of the state of understanding... ↑↑↑
March 03 2018 17:53:17
onorium anyway thanks for taking your time on this remix. +0
March 03 2018 17:56:49
BALLADYNA Haha: I'm really sorry to have taken your music for the "production" you didn't like...! I hope you don't feel it as a violation...(!) :o +0
Hi Balladyna :)I admit that I don't see well or you wanted to come, I must admit that it is difficult to listen BUT everyone feels the music in his own way ... that said your mix is at least missed, you are ten too much forward, thanks anyway if this mix could inspire you ...:)+1
March 03 2018 18:45:36
BALLADYNA You know... It's that sometimes, j'ai envie encore de montrer qu'est ce qu'il se passe avec un humain (donc aussi avec le monde) quand on le met dans tous ses états.
Tu ne peux plus rien gérer: ni en lui, ni en ce qui sont ses actes, ni à ce qui va se passer.
...Et les réactions sont toujours les mêmes:
- "Mais qu'est ce qu'il fait...?",
- "Qu'est ce qu'il arrive...?",
- "On ne peut pas comprendre de ça".
...Pendant que toutes ces choses sont compréhensibles très bien: il suffirait de lier "l'effet" avec sa cause (le plus souvent pourtant éloignée dans le temps ou pas perceptible pour celui "qui regarde")...
March 03 2018 18:52:13
JEF29730 je comprends ce que tu veux dire , tout ce qui sort de "l'ordinaire" est bien souvent mal perçu ou en tous les cas mal compris , ce que tu as fait en ai le parfait exemple ;) je ne suis pas contre l'atypique et suis ouvert a tout , c'est juste que ton mixe n'est pas équilibré , c'est dommage , on aurait peut étre mieux compris ta démarche , mais ce n'est pas grave je te rassure , vive la musique...:D +1
From 1:20 you are on a somewhat new path for me. I imagine how it would sound if you go on, incredibly fascinating :) :) :)+1
March 04 2018 11:49:03
BALLADYNA It would sound ... maybe like would sound the voice of the person who has gone through the hell in his life#
And who - having the awareness that the ugly and the disgusting does not disappear from the image in her consciousness and in her memory, since pushing her to avenge by cut the viscous paws to the incarnation of the hellish ugliness, threatens her to come back... :o
March 04 2018 11:58:17
abuitremorem If you explain that, I can understand it. Without a background, it's simply a fantastic soundscape for me, which I like a lot, and which I think is nice !!!!. With missing the SEnsibilität behind the things to see. This experience is not new to me. +1

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