April In Her Eyes.

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Bass, Keys & Violin:
LeftTheLoops9-18374 jams
step I
Shi401 jams
step II
Bass, Keys & Violin:
Peterpingo193 jams
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I really liked this track from the first listen. Joe made a wonderful template here. It didn´t change when Shi gave the great title "April In Her Eyes" the words with her wonderful voice and songwriting. I made a few adds. Bass, Piano and some strings. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you like. Have a wonderful day/afternoon/Night. :) Peter.


Wonderful collab everyone.....+1
March 06 2018 21:10:01
Peterpingo Thanks Grathy. Yes the are two cool "dudes" :D THX. +0
Such tasteful play Peter you always know how to bring so much to a song bravo my friend👌👏👏❤️✌️+1
March 05 2018 18:22:15
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. I´m so glad you like. And to read your very kind words. THX friend. +0
WOW!!!! Your playing of multiple instruments is so good!!!! Your arrangement is the Best of the Best, Peter!!!+2
March 04 2018 19:34:02
Peterpingo Thanks Dan. :) I´m so glad you like this. I really had a fantastic time preparing this adds. This track and song is really a pearl in itself in my opinion. :) +2
francisco al
ficou show, amigo Peterpingo. bom trabalho+0
March 04 2018 15:40:02
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you very much Francisco. I´m so glad you like my friend. :) +0
This is a winner. I believe with your adds and her voice it would do well at the upcoming Eurovision contest in Lisbon (except it's too late for applications this year I think). Quality orchestral pop. Great work Peter.+1
March 03 2018 22:23:00
Peterpingo Thanks Bd. :) Your words are very kind. Maybe That´s a great idea for future song contests. Bands and musicians mixed from different countries in one band. That way a lot of countries could be winners at the same time. :D:W Just a thought. +0
March 03 2018 22:46:48
bluesdog Yes. I like the idea. Countries could cooperate in winning the contest. If musicians from North Korea and, say, the US worked together in a band with international recognition, the world would be a better place. Even people from Hamburg could join folks from Harburg :D +1
March 03 2018 22:55:42
Peterpingo I SO much agree with you Bd. :W It would be a "Wiki-Wonder-World". :) +0
lovely additions here Peter :) thanks so much for joining in :)+1
March 03 2018 20:29:49
Peterpingo Thanks Shi. :) I had a wonderful time adding here. So glad you like. :) +1
Peter- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love ! Love! Love!+2
March 03 2018 19:23:48
Peterpingo Heh heh. you're SO welcome. I really enjoyed making this add my friend. This is an awesome track. THX for giving me the chance bro. :W:Y So glad you like. +1
March 03 2018 19:28:00
LeftTheLoops9-18 Your add is well thought, like a craftsman! Very appreciated peter. Im still admiring everything you did.Thank you! +1
March 03 2018 19:32:33
Peterpingo You are so kind Joe. Really appreciated my friend. The secret behind this add is that I had an awesome foundation to work with.I fell in love with this track from the very first version. Shi´s vocal didn´t make it any "better". Thank you so much Joe. :) +0
beautiful add to this great track, Peter... super job my friend :) <3<3<3+1
March 03 2018 18:52:52
Peterpingo Thanks Don. :) I´m so glad you like. Very much appreciated. +1

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