effected (acoustic record)(nylons)

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
GemmyF1434 jams
step I
United States
acoustic Guitar:
GemmyF1434 jams

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added an acoustic classical guitar with nylon strings probably 35 years old---my mother-in-law just passed on and had this guitar, and my wife wanted it. Love to have a violin, cello or sax or flute Bass and Drums----I played to record as a click the intro drums


francisco al
bonito trabalho de harmonia e solo de viol√£o, amigo GemmyF+1
Oh yes, I like that more and more !!:)+1
March 03 2018 23:21:59
GemmyF Thanks Peter! +1
Love this track. ambient. I have the guitar i learned to play on, italian, gut string, odd neck zero fret. it has the greatest tone, I have heard it is the italian woods and glue. Do i hear it calling me from its basement vault.+1
March 03 2018 19:16:39
GemmyF Absolutely---they are really fun to play with such wide nut width---this one was made in Mexico for a company in Corpus Christi---probably 55yrs old or so and feather light--If she had really played this this it might not still be together as it is. I need to glue some cracks in the soundboard and get new strings +0

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