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I play guitar while watching basketball....then at a certain point I need to get over to the recording is an acoustic guitar Mic'd and the plying duplicated to another track...different effects to each track...this one was set to Tenor sax(audio setting) and(the other track) just straight in EQ'd with cutting the lows out quite a bit(a lot)(didn't help much as I play hard and on mostly Bass string and it is the E is tuned down to D) and ...


super Gemmy :):):D:D+1
March 30 2018 01:54:18
GemmyF thanks!!! +0
Ahmmm this is great, I can't play and do other things at the same time :| lol the things you get while watching a basketball game, was your team winning or loosing? the mood of the track seems they where even, sometimes loosing, sometimes winning, jokes aside this is an awesome accoustic work, congratulations+2
March 05 2018 19:21:10
GemmyF team has been losing lately....all the other teams have young stars that can FLY! we have Ginobili (he's 40)(LOL)
and hurt guys!!!!
March 05 2018 21:00:18
jussef63 Lol I remember Manu in the spurs when I used to follow the NBA he was great and I thought he was retired damn hahaha +1
March 05 2018 21:10:37
GemmyF He is still great! Still a Spur!:D But there are so many teams that were horrible for 4 or 5 years straight and they get first pick in the draft and get all the promising young players---Now they can kick butt! +1
March 05 2018 21:28:18
jussef63 Yeah I get it :) +0
It is surely easier to play the guitar while watching basketball than playing the guitar while playing basketball. : D
Anyway, I can hear here this ball bouncing under the hand. Awesome acoustic track. <3
This is very nice Jim - are you having an acoustic phase?+1
March 04 2018 22:04:27
GemmyF Pase on phase off, phase on phase off......and so on.....I have so many guitars(that I play)--not on display--- I try to keep them from getting jealous of one another..... each one in various tunings and they all pull out some else of me so--I just follow the tone. Was thinking I would play some grundgy electric on you and SS's Noise Bot tune if my other (wife) doesn't get jealous of my playing time today) +1
March 04 2018 22:07:51
GrooveEnth Oh yes please - I saw the download and hoped it might be you! Too long since have made some noise together - do you have anything good for G-bass? +1
March 04 2018 22:09:51
GemmyF was thinking on asking you to join a band with ark and myself I'll send you an invite you can listen where we are at, at this point. +1
March 04 2018 22:12:49
GrooveEnth Now _that's_ and interesting combination! :D +0
Nice Recipe Jim.+1
Absolut super work Jim !! Very good sound, nice mixing job !! :)+1
Awesome acoustic!Yes the backstory of how you recorded it is appreciated!+0
I always enjoy the backstory! nice playing etc. but some how i really like knowing about the space this was generated in+0
March 04 2018 19:52:03
GemmyF Yes it MUST be (or should I say Bee) MANDATORY to explain one's self before offering up some track! +1
:) nica audio story! :) :)+1
March 04 2018 19:35:22
GemmyF You mean how I record the guitar or the music makes a story.....????:|:|:|:D:D:D +1
March 04 2018 19:44:07
frenzie Both :) +1

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