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Played some structure on the Rhodes this evening! Hope it is cool playing it only on a clicktrack... missing some dynamics cause of that.... Hope drums and bass will cover it up... and funk it up :) cheers, Marc edit: Noticed some volume difference today while listening it back... added a new HD track to it with a better balance!


can't beat a nice Rhodes sound :)+2
March 04 2018 21:20:10
Marceys Yeah, so true Shi... this sound was mixed with my two boards! Bit more bite to it.... +0
Beautiful track Marc :)
I like hearing in my head guitars, bass and drum which accompany you...
So real...
March 04 2018 21:17:38
Marceys Thanks titi, i’m hearing a harp next to the guitars, bass and drums too! :) +0
That little lick at 1:49 is very cool!+1
March 04 2018 21:21:13
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoyed the play! +0
Beautiful sound <3 :W+1
March 04 2018 21:21:59
Marceys Thanks, glad you like it! Get your drums on it if you like it! :) +1
March 04 2018 22:57:51
WhiteDrum55 That was fun! Thanks again :D +1
francisco al
bonita harmonia de Keys, amigo Marceys+1
March 05 2018 15:45:21
francisco al
Marceys Thanks a lot, was a tricky one.... timing wise.... +0
Nice unusual chord progressions. Good feel!+1
March 05 2018 15:46:42
Marceys I need some new chord progressions.... so i did a bit of experimenting with the tones in the chords.... hope i did the timing right.... :) +1
March 05 2018 22:21:33
Wade Did Chopin worry about timing? I frankly don't get why everybody thinks that all music has to fit a click track. If it flows, and you can feel it, then where's the problem? +1
As always, tons of scope here. WD's add is excellent too meaning I'm going to change tack on this one. Got a couple of your tunes on my to-do list and am hoping to do soon.+1
March 05 2018 15:48:16
Marceys Thanks Martin! I did some timing thingies here... some are on the 1 and some just before or after... tried to keep it the same everytime.... +0
March 05 2018 15:49:38
Marceys I will upload an extra HD when i come home, i noticed today that the volumelevels aren’t the same throughout the song.... +0
Indeed is a good thing, another gem that will go lots of ways, you are a great keyboard player, composer and arranger and of course one of the stone pilars of wikiloops for doing so many great templates with no ego at all, just to let others join and that is very respecrtable and professional my friend+1
March 05 2018 20:23:33
Marceys Thanks for your kind words jussef! This place got me addicted for a few years now.... still busy in livebands...but the Loops are a geat play-and learningfield! Think i evolved my hearing and playingtechnique because of the loops also!

I really like thinking new stuff out and se how they evolve here on the Loops, there are so many great pieces that were born here! That’s something we do together here!
March 05 2018 20:57:49
jussef63 Yes my friend, that is absolutely true +1
excellent template ! :) yummy !!+1
March 06 2018 20:29:29
Marceys Thanks a lot OliVBee! Glad you like it, i like this one the chords that have some edgy tough to it, and the yellow parts are a bit different which i like too!
Jump in if you feel for it! The HD of the keys got a better volume balance and i left the last click of the intro behind so the keys are clean there! :)
March 06 2018 20:32:55
OliVBee thanks for the HD !! ;) i might get to this one ... +1
So Good, Marc!!! Your variations to your opening theme always moves in a surprising direction that is always Creative and so Enjoyable!+1
March 12 2018 15:59:40
Marceys Thanks for your kind words and giving that analysis. I hope i can achieve some surprises in the chorddevelopments indeed! Good to hear! +0

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