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so this is something---a whole different take---I played on my previous upload--on an acoustic guitar with Mic. Has certain same compositional elements but different as both are hit record and play. This one has a line in from the Humbucker firstly into an original Line 6 Bass pod, and put on Tube Preamp and eq'd and a slight bit of chorus(slight)---Then into a track in LOGIC X Pro with a audio preset for Tenor sax(has some nice delay and reverb I ...


Major 3rd
Great luscious sounds Gemmy!:)+1
March 06 2018 19:20:48
Major 3rd
GemmyF always room for more lusciousnesses +0
Yeah nice my friend, I like it, it sounds very well and has this personal and signature sound of yours that I like+1
Just plain good.+1
What a fantastic sound Jim, love your choice and combination of chords and expressive play, this really hits the spot for me!!
Super sensational and highly original👌⭐️❤️
I would like to try some drumming on this with you-hopefully tomorrow after work😎if that’s ok
March 05 2018 01:51:36
GemmyF It Would be a jam-mer!!!:D +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, amigo GemmyF+1
This is really cool - I like the delay effect - works particularly well on the chords I think.+1
March 04 2018 22:05:18
GemmyF thanks! Neil!:D:Y +1
Excellent Jim !! Great playing and super sound !! Excellent track :):):)+1
March 04 2018 21:53:01
GemmyF Thanks Franky! as always I appreciate the listen! One thing I appreciate about recording with this laptop is that I can unplug it from the power source and and GET NO NOISE from the "Dirty " city power.
The only noise in this one is the tremolo ---and if you want them you have to put up with it a little!
I wasn't finished......Put some tremolo on that amp plug-in. And adjusted volumes and paning to get a sound I thought travelled well down the road(at least with my headphones). Used a pick and finger picked at parts to increase tone change---one thing I wished I'd remembered to work out is switch the humbuckers to different positions while playing+1
March 04 2018 21:51:43
frankyguitar Great technical explanation !! But I really need your technical skills :D :D :D +1
March 04 2018 21:54:11
GemmyF Man that last recording you did was really fine!!!!! and the playing too ---the one I put swine on!!!!:D:D:D +1
March 04 2018 21:58:04
frankyguitar Ms. Piggy and her sisters :D LOL
:) :) :)

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