Lost Legend

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Vocals, acoustic Guitar & acoustic Guitar:
slin191 jams
step I
Celtic Harp:
Caroljoyce163 jams

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Hello Wikiloopers, I'm so glad to give you this typical celtic song Nils ! I really enjoyed to play with you in my little home. Have a nice day in Norway, a place which makes me dream... Agnèsss
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celtic harp, folk, unplugged


Agnèsss when I heard this song I loved it and then hearing you playing so beautifully and adding the celtic truth inspired me, so pleased to find this music its a dream I am sure:)<3<3+0
Hey Agness i`m so sorry for not have thank brfore for your very cool add on this song,i like it very much,and thanks so much for joining me here,i have been very sick so i haven`t been around.Nils...<3+1
March 25 2018 15:02:28
Caroljoyce Ohhh... Nils, no need to apologize, I know you were back here ! Are you doing well now ? :|
Thank you for your kind words. I like this song very much too ! <3
March 25 2018 15:27:59
slin not so much,but i will come back later,right now I`m very tired... +1
March 25 2018 16:48:07
Caroljoyce Ohhh... no... I feel sad by reading this. :| I miss you here. I send you millions of smiles to encourage you my Dear... <3 +0
Tu t'identifies si bien dans la musique de slin+1
This is such a wonderful enhancement Agness to Nil's soulful rendition....I like it a lot. Kudos to both of you.+0
So good to hear your delicate playing on this.+1
March 07 2018 08:55:00
Caroljoyce ;) +1
Superbe. C'est là que ta harpe celtique offre toute sa beauté.
Et c'est une très belle chanson.
March 06 2018 11:05:19
Caroljoyce Oui, les paroles, la mélodie, la douceur de la guitare, j'ai tout de suite aimé cette création de Nils. Très bien structurée en plus, alors pour moi, c'était plus simple de m'adapter. Merci Rob. +0
You both seeing live performing it would be fantastic !!
You dive excellent in this beautiful song from Nils. You lay your heart in and I can listen wonderful vibes. That's the beauty side of our existence <3
March 06 2018 11:01:37
Caroljoyce Oh Yes, my celtic harp almost played itself on this one... I was taught the harp with this kind of register indeed... bad and good to me : This is sometimes hard to me to play folk songs in a different way...
Thank you Frank for your words. Nils's song is a very well structured song. Big Thumb to Him.;)
Fantastic Agnéss. I hear the song of Nils like Through a Harp Curtain. You open a big room with it.<3+1
March 06 2018 10:55:49
Caroljoyce Hi René, I hope that my "harpistic curtain" doesn't offend Nil's performance.
Today, I have the feeling that the chorus is not well heightened... is it ? Thank for your kind words. ;)
March 06 2018 22:53:46
abuitremorem I like it - but I understand what you mean. Try the next ad :) :) :) +0
Huge thumbs up! Caught Jypekas remix and this is incredible.+1
March 06 2018 10:44:07
Caroljoyce You're so enthusiastic by this one, yet no variations during the song. ;)
I've only recorded one loop with Nil's instrumental part, and made loops and loops to complete the beginning and the end...
Thank you so much Relativity (what's your true name indeed ?)
Très beau!<3+1
March 06 2018 10:36:33
Caroljoyce Merci beaucoup...:D +0

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