Gladiators Afterwork Yoga

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Celtic Harp:
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Hello Wikiloopers, I love this piece. Playing with Mark made me cry because of these beautiful harmonies coming from the association of the 2 instruments, and the gorgeous violins in the background... Wouah... Great emotions in my heart when playing... I really hope it's ok with the volume, I don't want the harp to be too present and I don't want to erase Mark's playing... Not so easy... See you very soon, Agnèsss
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Celtic harp, classical


Tes arpèges sont si émouvents. Le suspense à 2:49 tu produis avec la petite dissonance est génial.+1
Bravo, Agnès! :)+1
Grandiose et complètement beau.

La piste de Mark est brillante et ton jeu est discret mais à propos.
Belle réussite.
March 06 2018 10:32:42
Caroljoyce Thank you Rob,
I think Mark played in the Emin gamut and not Emaj one, but I didn't dare to change the indication given, I'm not completely sure.
To be able to follow him and to play in the tone of the song, I've cheated with a complex association of my bemoans/diesis levers... (Damn ! my harp teacher would faint by seeing that ! :o )
March 06 2018 14:07:00
ROBJOL Why Celtic harps have no pedal. It would be a lot easier? +1
March 06 2018 17:37:33
Caroljoyce If a celtic harp had pedals, it would be no more a celtic one but a classical one... moreover, playing the classical harp is a great Art, very difficult : you need to have 5 brains to play this stuff : 2 hands doing different things, 2 feet with the task to play the bemoan, the flat, and diesis, and another one to read your score... I should have learned the harp when I was a child to evolve quickly... +0
Sounds wonderful Agnésss, for me volume is perfect.
Really emotionally music. :)
March 06 2018 10:17:48
Caroljoyce Thank you Joachim for this feedback and for the listening. :D +1

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