Leña del campo muerto

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I wrote a little acoustic song some time ago and now i try to adapt that lyrics to this great Arno folk template. I have a fun morning in home alone with this, but i think is not much sense if i dont share here. So, folks, im not a singer! Sorry about. Hope you like anyway. (Traslation in the lyrics reference)


fabulous track my friend ! So cool to listen you singing on it ! great job <3+1
March 07 2018 11:39:59
Demian Thanks Arno!! Glad you like my friend. You make great template. I think maybe E key is a little low for me, but i see fit perfect for your voice!!:D very fun track. Thanks man!!:D +1
March 07 2018 12:22:09
ARNOSOLO It isn't easy to find the "correct" key for me because I sing very rarely. And with this one, I went back to 2 times to try to adapt my voice as best as possible to the music. On the first version, my voice was too serious and mixed with the rest of the instruments. So I did a 2nd more acute tests :
March 07 2018 12:40:04
Demian Oh, that version sound super. More clear more focus. Great Song +1
March 07 2018 13:43:01
ARNOSOLO Thx again my friend :D +1
francisco al
bonita canção, amigo Demian. ficou ótimo+1
March 07 2018 11:36:20
francisco al
Demian Muito obrigado Francisco :) +0
Wow, a new career for you my friend, you did well ... always good to hear the first songs from folks here!! Nice man!!+1
March 06 2018 22:38:05
Demian :D Oh! Thanks man! Im just a shooting star! haha!:D +0
I really enjoyed listening to this Demian, lovely lyrics and I liked your vocal interpretation too on Arno's sweet track Well done both of you :)+2
March 06 2018 21:04:05
Demian <3 Thanks Shi!!<3 I admire you like a great singer you are, and really glad you listen and comment here. I apreciate so much!:) +1
Major 3rd
excellent song, vocals, lyrics and of course great Arno accoustic track! applause!!!! :D+1
March 06 2018 19:27:09
Major 3rd
Demian Hey! Many many thanks! Glad you like!! <3 +0

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