Our Country Isn´t White Bread

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step I
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Peterpingo182 jams

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When I heard this great song from Grathy my first intention was to write a couple of word about how much I agree with her in the words of this song. After a while I decided to do another thing though. I made a track for the vocal template. As a rhythm track I used ZamZams "Tumba for Shango" #26382. Then I added chords on two el pianos and a bassline. There is space for solos of all kind from ...


I must have missed this mix, thanks so much!+0
March 24 2018 14:15:32
Peterpingo :W:) +0
March 25 2018 06:56:55
Grathy Thanks for including me in your "love of music". I'm honored.... +1
March 25 2018 18:45:37
Peterpingo :) You are so welcome Grathy. It wasn´t a hard choice for me to include you in this album. It was an obvious choice. :) +1
Really fantastic what you have built around the vocal track! Superb job Peter! :)+1
March 23 2018 00:26:09
Peterpingo Thanks dear Stef. I´m so glad you like. I really had an exciting time here making the track "around" the vocal only. :) +1
such agreat mix Peter you made a really great song here:):W<3+1
March 23 2018 00:02:49
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. I´m so glad you like. And thanks again for your great add.
# 133281 :)
Again so MAGICAL, Peter!!!!! I honestly feel you could have improved the Beatles SUPER GREAT songs!!!+1
March 12 2018 08:20:15
Peterpingo Thanks Dan. I´m sure that the inspiration to the music in my situation comes from all the great people and musicians here on the loops. THX so much for listening liking and the nice words. :) +2
superb Komposition!!!<3+0
March 12 2018 08:17:10
Peterpingo Thanks Claudia. I´m so glad you like. Your kind words are much appreciated. :) +0
francisco al
ficou show, amigo Peterpingo+1
March 07 2018 21:52:48
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you Francisco. Very glad you like. :) +0
Hi Peter, I think this is the first time I hear someone compose a song around a song! Extraordinary work by you:)+1
March 06 2018 23:49:38
Peterpingo Hi Peter. :) It was really fun. Finding the chords for this great vocal add. I´m so glad you like. +1
Very good choices Peter, in terms of percussion and orchestration, as wellas chord progression. Somehow it enhances the idea of diversity, which is what the song is all about.+1
March 06 2018 21:24:13
Peterpingo :) Exactly Bd. That was my thought. To make som "polyrhythm" and chord progression to underline the importance of diversity. :W +0
Excellent orchestration Peter, what a great song.
That involve a lot of works from you.
Congradulation my friend.:)
March 06 2018 20:51:16
Peterpingo Thank you so much Marc. Well I love that kind of work. I´m so glad you like my friend. :) +1
This is lovely!+1
March 06 2018 20:48:53
Peterpingo Thanks Grathy. :) I really enjoyed this project. I like the voice just as much as the message. ;) THX for sharing. +0
March 25 2018 18:49:01
Grathy It's interesting to see this compostion built around the vocals. Very different take from the version another person created on another music site. +1
March 25 2018 18:59:43
Peterpingo I really enjoyed this project. I love to make adds for all kind of different tracks and templates. But this one - A totally (and great) solo song with no actual key or defined beat. This was a totally "open" track and I could go just the way I felt like. I´m so glad you like the result. :) +0

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