Masked Face (w piano keys)

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Background soft chords piano keys for your projects and ideas Better the sounds in the harmonics bass tracks Keys: Concert Grand Piano Yamaha MX49 and compressor Enjoy ...


It could only be you! This is almost a trademark sound. I'm not sure how this sounds to others, but it always resonates with me.+2
March 06 2018 22:51:54
GlezBass the sound of the harmonicas of bass is very peculiar, the musical style since I am not very fast with the keys is always soft, the harmonies according to sound good to me and for other ears like yours too! he he
It's a simple harmony structure, sure you enjoy it with your sax if you want
Thanks for your feedback ;)
Heyyy amigo es la segunda vez que te escucho en las teclas y mantienes el nivel eh? buenos acordes, tienes un gusto inigualable y ya te lo había dicho, además tu sonido es único, un abrazo maestro y que sigan los jams+1
March 06 2018 20:56:19
GlezBass Music for others.... :D Muchas gracias por tu comentario y audicion!. Se hace lo que se puede con las teclas... ;) +0
can only be big smiles and many thumbs from me Glez, lovely sounds here from you both :)+1
March 06 2018 22:06:19
GlezBass thanks so much Shi!! ;) +1
Google trans can not describe it as well as Wade it did! Fantastic so deep and melodic!!+1
March 06 2018 23:37:22
GlezBass Thanks Pewi!! I did a solo daring with flute sound (Yamaha MX49) in #131778. I hope you like it, it's your territory !!! :D +1
Es muy bonita :D
Los acordes del teclado muy buenos muy bien elegidos
Ese fullconcertgrand lo utilice para todo hasta los 14 años jaja
Luego me pase a los pianos sampleados de komplete 10
March 07 2018 00:22:24
GlezBass Gracias Luis ;) Es una composicion realmente hecha con el bajo electrico en la otra jam anterior +1
ótima criatividade, amigo Mario. show+1
March 07 2018 07:30:40
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado +0

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