Water Safety Love Song

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So bornfree's killa template really grew on me, and someone special asked me to to a longer version of my yesterday's experiment , so... Hey, BF i sliced up your track, sorry! but i needed 3 verses, so i just did my thing...
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prog pop by a love sick dumb a$$


Very entertaining Buzz.:) Very enjoyable :)<3+0
Splendiforous tune. la-la-laaaa... This is a cigar moment! cool+1
April 07 2018 17:44:37
BuzzBomber Thanks, it felt sort of out there when i did it, now it seems like parts are of it are the kind of thing I do regularly now. +0
killa :O cool. i don't get it all, but that's when i repeat the listens. lyrics? spoiler! :@
straight and nice, did i tell already, i did, and it's good. 4th time headphones. #Buzz'ntertainment
March 17 2018 11:41:52
BuzzBomber thanks! Wanted to do something way different than i normally do. Maybe like Randy Newman? A life preserver here is a orange floating device for water rescue. I found out later in the rest of the world it is a blackjack or club! That would change the meaning! There are some odd Buzz Bomber lyrics too, I make weird analogies. +0
March 17 2018 11:50:04
SupJax man. my brain :D +1
March 17 2018 11:50:58
BuzzBomber yep, it's a good one!(your brain)! Congrats! :P +1
I can't help myself, this does remind me of the SouthPark soundtrack :) I actually had the CD back in the day and enjoyed it quite a lot... you familiar with it?+1
March 09 2018 19:04:00
BuzzBomber I don't recall it, But it is not surprising, SP is part of the soundtrack of my life. Hope this means enjoyable to you... and not that I lifted the figure +0
March 09 2018 23:07:12
BuzzBomber hey dick, i think this could be the southpark clip http://southpark.cc.com/clips/7202g9/out-of-my-shell-shelley +0
March 10 2018 01:17:47
BuzzBomber hey dick, i think this could be the southpark clip http://southpark.cc.com/clips/7202g9/out-of-my-shell-shelley +0
March 10 2018 13:24:29
Dick hey buzz, your links redirect me to the german soutpark page, can't open that :/
one of my favorite songs on the soutpark album is this one:
Still puts a naughty grin on my face :D
March 10 2018 14:11:02
BuzzBomber I freaked out he system somehow, I only meant to put that link 1 time. Just the effect I have on gear... +0
March 10 2018 14:16:53
BuzzBomber I do like chef's salty balls tho! oop! +0
That first hey sounds like Dinosaur Jr.---it hooks right away.:D+1
March 09 2018 19:06:03
BuzzBomber Thanks. I don't know where i have wandered, i keep hearing a whisper of "prog-pop" broken structures, clean sounds, "interesting" vocals that ignore the broken structure. I like it anyway +1
nice work! great song!+1
March 08 2018 00:32:27
BuzzBomber Thanks man! I am having a ball. +1
SUPER Buzz !!
love the lala's :D
March 07 2018 13:14:37
BuzzBomber I know right? After turning it into a whole song it still wanted to be the part i vamped the other day! thanks! +1
March 07 2018 13:20:37
frankyguitar LOL, great song Buzz ! :) +1
nice work :)+1
March 17 2018 11:45:45
BuzzBomber thanks BF! I missed this when you posted it. Yoru track is awesome, I could not have done it without you!<3
PS can't believe I only did this song 10 days ago!
Heyyy #MyPISCES <3
Whattts up :)
I love this, you got me at the La la la's! <3
March 07 2018 10:56:25
BuzzBomber hey = my aquarius<3
i m crazy, yes?
That's where it gets good!<3
March 07 2018 11:32:40
BuzzBomber I like your last la too, Stel-la

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