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Had this track earmarked since it was uploaded and the ideas I had have now been taken by other players. Listening to the rhythm of the track, I could hear something Latin-sounding in there. So I went mental with a samba. I think the idea was waaay better in my head than what was actually played. I jammed it because this is knackering to play and didn't want to take it again! So it's very much warts and all as, with ...


great:) :)+0
:)!! :)!!+1
Outta this world, on point, BRAVO ! :O :W :D+1
Oh YOU! Exasperating! This sounds wonderful, no need for modesty or doubt! So good to hear you jumping on all these tracks.+1
March 09 2018 10:49:01
mpointon Thanks, Wade. I don't mean to go on and I don't mean to exasperate! It really is that I just set myself [impossibly] high standards and then get frustrated when I don't achieve them.

I'm pretty certain it's something all musos do to some extent. You play it, you're happy, then you hear it all back and you start hearing all the mistakes and bits you could do better, etc..!

I am very much my own worst enemy!
March 09 2018 12:35:27
Wade I don't want to hear a drum machine. I want to hear those imperfections and the human soul behind them who is communicating with me. +1
March 11 2018 03:32:26
mpointon Stop being so reasonable, man! ;) I always appreciate your say on things. You are my music moderator and for that, I thank you. +0
March 11 2018 07:54:17
Wade You are my rhythmic hero...for that I thank you! +1
March 14 2018 03:08:09
mpointon I take great pride in my word power. But to that I have no answer beyond ‘thank you’. +1
oh this grooves.....hope your shoulder isn't too ouchy Martin :) cool template from Gemmy too+1
Yeah it sounds like a Mardi Gras procession or a Carnival street brawl. Thanks for the ADD and playing despite the pain! Sounds really good! Probably this is the best type of beat for these guitars. I don't play to a click track as for some reason they seem possessed by Sisyphus' curse...but I play to drum track that are non stop looped and this kind of beat was probably what I played to!+1
March 09 2018 10:46:26
mpointon Thanks, Gemmy! I love the rhythm of this track and really wanted to get behind it with energy.

The samba was pretty tough as this tempo as it was on the ragged edge of how fast I could play it and stay coherent!

It's all in the ability to 'autopilot' the feet. The rest is just random!
You've entered the wild crazy world of Gemmy, cool stuff Martin!! I'm off to get some turmeric extract (curcumin) for my aches and pains ... good luck!!+2
March 08 2018 16:48:47
GemmyF This Comment brought to you by the Turmeric Extract Association.....LOL and JK....Good Stuff and Martin should use it for his condition! +3
March 08 2018 17:30:34
Ernie440 It is good stuff ... lots of studies to prove it, some have compared it to steroids without the sides. +2
March 09 2018 10:51:34
mpointon I will look into it - thanks Ernie/Gemmy! Anything that can alleviate this problem will make me a happy drummer boy! +1
Sounds great mpointon+2

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