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More experiments with slicing....


Man this is IT!!!!! :W+1
July 02 2018 19:25:47
GrooveEnth Why thank you! :) +1
July 02 2018 19:28:47
TeeGee You are in deep shizzle now :D +1
July 02 2018 19:30:12
GrooveEnth lol - only good things happen here! :) +0
Sounds really excellent GE !! Great resultwhich fits perfect in the track !! :W :D :W+1
March 14 2018 17:40:14
GrooveEnth Thanks Franky :) +1
Although I don't understand a single word of your explanations you gave to relativity B):| I really love the sound .. So cool!!+1
March 11 2018 12:20:19
GrooveEnth haha Pat - get your son to play you some dubstep! But really, it's just tremolo turned up to 11 :) I didn't expect this comments thread to get so technical... :) +1
March 11 2018 13:43:52
Offfocus :D:D +1
Wow, what an add! A whole new dynamic that takes this into orbit.+1
March 11 2018 12:18:14
GrooveEnth Thanks so much Wade. It's always interesting playing on Rob's tracks - he manages to do an awful lot with one chord so the challenge is to keep the line interesting while also not disturbing the drone. (Oo - now _that's_ a song title!) +1
March 11 2018 22:50:19
Wade "Do not disturb the drone"? +1
March 14 2018 17:39:58
GrooveEnth Or maybe "Droning on and on...." ;-) +1
Brilliant !! Loving this whole slicing idea, the result speaks for itself. ..sounds awesome Groove ! <3+1
March 11 2018 12:10:32
GrooveEnth Thanks Rob - I was thinking it was far too long since I'd played on one of your tracks. So good to be back! :) +0
Really grooving on your experimental, innovative approach, GE...loved your explanation re: 'slicing'...its kinda like reverse engineering: making a regular instrument sound like a VERY cool indeed!!!:W:W:W+1
March 11 2018 12:09:58
GrooveEnth Thanks Mr Sushi. As well as the tremolo/slicing effect here, there's a lot of distortion and then I added a touch of flanging in the DAW (you can hear it best from around 1:20). I suppose it's not too surprising it ends up sounding quite synthy - most analogue synths used LFO modulation on triangular/square waves which are very rich in harmonics - basically what you get when you start applying distortion and flanging! +1
March 11 2018 13:38:31
soulsushi I completely understand the tech of this process, for real!!! LOL
Just amazed that if you didn't explain it the way you did, I would have easily continued to believe that it was a synth!!! GREAT job, GE!!!
March 11 2018 13:40:02
soulsushi Oh...and it sounds FREAKIN' BADD AZZ!!! LOVE IT, MUCHO!!! +1
Awesome love the fx you use, yo are very skilled and you have an awesome ear for this great bass lines, your style is unique+2
March 11 2018 12:04:31
GrooveEnth Thanks my friend - really kind of you to listen and to say so! You should check out more of Rob's stuff - he has a very distinctive way of playing guitar :) +1
March 12 2018 06:31:31
jussef63 Thx for your recomendation, I will listen for sure +1
Very cool bass!! Can you explain slicing? Are you talking editing?+1
March 10 2018 17:31:58
GrooveEnth It's basically a kind of gating where you chop up the sound in a way that's synchronised to the rhythm. So here I'm really playing sustained note and slides but it sounds like 16th notes. You can do this in a DAW but I just used by an effect on my GT1 and dialled up the tremolo to get the effect. It's not quite so good to do it that way because you then have to go and manually 'slide' the recorded track to sync up to the actual beats which means any note transistions may be out of time but that in itself can sound quite cool.

I did the same thing on #132019 but you can hear it most clearly on the vocals. :)
March 10 2018 17:34:47
LeftTheLoops9-18 Interesting! Im learning new things today! Thanks! +1
March 11 2018 10:55:09
pconey Very interesting comment there groove, its amazing what you can do to an organic instrument to create something totally new and fresh sounding. I use tremolo sometimes as an alternative to auto panning. What you have done here though is very creative and shows a lot of thought! +1
March 11 2018 12:01:24
GrooveEnth Auto pan sounds interesting - is that when you bounce something like a hi-hat left and right for each hit? I wouldn't claim at all to be any kind of 'sound designer' but I'm definitely getting more interested in what can be done in the DAW whereas when I started I just wanted to record my bass! +1
March 11 2018 19:36:01
pconey [youtube]5K5YpKh3tM4[/youtube] +1
March 11 2018 19:38:06
pconey You use Reaper, so this might be the best video explanation. I use this effect on certain samples like footsteps, or snare drum rolls when I do dance tracks...I think most DAWs have this function on a tremolo plugin. +1
March 11 2018 19:39:42
GrooveEnth excellent - definitely going to be playing with this! +0
freaking cool G:W:D+1
March 10 2018 17:32:54
GrooveEnth Thanks mate - you started something with those vocals! :D +1

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