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soulsushi82 jams
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Med Slow Reggae-esque Jazz/Fusion? Sorry indefinable, really...
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Yes it has the reggae rythm and some psychodelic stuff form the islands of jupiter's moon europa (wich is covered in ice hmmmm) it is fusion my friend, different elemnts trying to establish the lead, the cuica sound is so fun but it is in the background, I can barely listen to it :D+1
March 12 2018 07:48:29
soulsushi Thanks Juss!!! Yeah sorry for the quica being so soft...not to make excuses but it was really hard to get levels right on the tracks because of limited headroom (this was done on 4 track cassette tape) and having to 'bounce' tracks over and over; its like taking your favorite shirt and washing it over and over until its finally got holes in it...LOL. Thanks for listening though and for your cool description of Europa!!! :):):) +1
It's a bit swag/Austin Powers/80's
**I'm dancing a slow Bogle**
...and....that's another 10 minutes of my life gone Lol :D
March 11 2018 20:27:58
soulsushi Just remember, you can multiply that effect by listening it over and over...hehe. Thanks for checking it out. :D:D:D +1

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