New Way to Fly

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Hearing this jam from Marceys and wiseshanks was love at first few bars. Crazy how when I first listened, earlier today, the words that came were a summer love kind song. Later, when I got on the mic, the vibe was... different, hehehehe. I'd like to hear some b-b-b-b-bass. with love, moonchild
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spittin rhymes, uplifting, prayer


Poeaaeeh! (That’s a scream for “good”), your diversity is so cool! So many words in short time, amazing... these harmonics on the chorus parts.... spot on! Talented lady you are!+1
March 14 2018 08:19:40
moonchild HAhaha! :D Thanks, Marceys... absolutely loved your fine groovin B) +0
Wow you keep surprising me girl, awesome work Devin, you got a very versatile tessiture and you can do with your voice almost what you want, perfect+1
March 14 2018 08:21:17
moonchild I think my voice has its way with me rather than the other way around ;) Thanks for checking this out, jussef :D +1
Clear, concise, frisky and funky lyrics delivered with style.+1
March 14 2018 08:22:59
moonchild Woo, I'm glad you found this clear and concise... :) +1
March 14 2018 08:54:46
Wade Was I not supposed to get it? +0
March 14 2018 09:04:01
moonchild Hahaha, nooooo, I meant I'm glad that the lyrics make some kind of sense! :D +1
Super cool Devin!! Pro hip hoppin!! :D+1
Oh yeah! :)+1
Wow! lovin' those overlaid Keys, and Right On drums! :D
Delighted to hear your Hip Hop vocals. So damn Good!:D
Amazing team work ! ! #175630 here" s my remix.. ( Moonchild only )+1
Another good way to fly Indeed :)
These backings compliment the lead, A FullMoon ;)
Oh man, this is so good!! And you can rap too??!! :O+0
March 14 2018 00:54:45
moonchild I LOVE hip-hop <3 thanks, TeeGee!! +1
March 14 2018 10:49:16
TeeGee Yeah im hip on hop too, I did a few of those here #132001 #69287 mixing my man Hemanifezt in. I'd love to do one with you, are you interested? I told you some while ago your voice reminds me sometimes of Lauren Hill - so... just say yes :D +0
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