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Well my brother has been gone for almost 3 years now. He and I had a falling out for sometime. He had a sense he was going to pass on, and started to talk to me again.....He even came down to visit me. We recorded this mostly live with one mic and my guitar into 2 different effects. After the playing I took the vocal track at the chorus and added reverb to our vocals(sung together on the same mic) SO could ...
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Texas Unique, Bruce, raw p


Lenny Cowler
I freaking love the feel of this! The lyrics are outstanding! Great fun listening to this!+1
April 07 2018 23:47:18
GemmyF Thank You Sir! +1
I love this Jim!!!!! Fantastic listen. I remember the sad thing with your brother, you told it. I'm sure this gives you some goosebumps, deep feelings. <3+1
Original material here.+1
this says a whole lot G, it's so great that you and your brother could enjoy making some music together. It's a rocking track too+1
My friend, loosing a brother must had been really hard, in the other hand to have him singing with you is priceless, I will find time to record a bass here, I hope I can be on time to do it.+2
This is really good stuff Jim:W
Some great Texas tone on the guitar...and well the performance is genuine, authentic, and damn cool:D
It is great you have this memory recorded and have it to listen to forever. Thanks for sharing with us:)
March 12 2018 19:51:52
GemmyF "It is great you have this memory recorded and have it to listen to forever. "

or until I pass---which ever comes first!:|:D
March 12 2018 20:18:51
mortheol Well..I hope we keep you around for a spell;) +0
Great tune , very catchy. thumbs up+1
I will wait for drums, let me know will you? :)+1
March 12 2018 17:53:57
GemmyF put it on the watchlist this track and it will pop up in your newsfeed. +1
March 12 2018 17:59:41
GemmyF then once you get the can disable it...take it off your watchlist:D +1

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