Haywood Jablomi -(M. Python Style)

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A Funny Play on Words for Folky pub sing-a-longs! --In the spirit of Monty Python!- Been singing this to my birds (budgies) for at least 5 years and they still live! If you think it sounds "dirty" it's because you are "dirty". The lyrics are quite "innocent", right? I would love to hear this with extra singers and many players concentrated as a group!
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folk irish pub python


Hoping for Hartmut?+1
April 05 2018 16:54:14
hartmut that is not a usual thing here, we received an bird-proven-sing-along track from you :) sounds good +1
Hey Doctor this is great, made me smile my friend, this is better than cofee, great singing my dear friend+1
March 14 2018 22:50:22
DrStrgeglv Thanks, Jussef! Just a little bit of fun- hope to hear the melody soon! +1
Lenny Cowler
very nice:)+1
March 14 2018 22:51:00
Lenny Cowler
DrStrgeglv Thanks, Lenny! 77 bpm +1
English comedy is always the best...Monty Python, Benny Hill, Kenny Everette, but not Roy Chubby Brown...man...he is one sick dude! There are some really funny rugby songs like this too :D+1
March 14 2018 12:56:39
wjl I was thinking about Frank Zappa as well... like his "Hey Laura, real angora ..." stuff ;) +2
March 14 2018 22:51:41
DrStrgeglv Not Roy Chubby Brown! +0
March 14 2018 23:37:31
Anon518 No. I dislike his hat, shorts and his silly little dance! :P +1
March 15 2018 01:38:40
DrStrgeglv He's a stupid little man with stupid shorts, stupid hat, and his silly little dance makes me vomit! +0
Wow Doc - you should apply for... hmmm... here in Germany we have "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", in the UK it's "Britain's got talent", dunno about the U.S. of A. :D
Nasty, yes - but wonderful still!
March 14 2018 12:53:51
Anon518 America’s Got Talent :) +2
March 14 2018 22:54:02
DrStrgeglv Awe, Thanks, but if I was going to enter a talent show I'd probably do my famous, "flaming cat juggling" act. +0
You naughty naughty boy!! LOL!+1
March 14 2018 22:54:44
DrStrgeglv It only works with the British accent, LOL! +1
Hey, this is some pretty tight writing! in a monty python kind of way. Really starts to make the current Benny Hill avatar make sense. Gentle reader, read the lyric sheet while listening. You'll be surprised!+2
March 14 2018 05:04:16
DrStrgeglv Thanks BFF! I put WWWay too much time into it, LOL! There was even unused material I couldn't squeeze in. I know it's hard to add to vocal templates, but I wasn't able to find an existing match- Hope someone does! +0
March 14 2018 05:13:24
DrStrgeglv My ultimate dream is that one day... in a happy land across the sea... a whole bar full of drunkards will join in angelic harmony to sing this song in their seedy pubs along the shores! +1
March 14 2018 13:32:07
BuzzBomber I was messing with it, it is in G and I could alsmost do a progression to it, but it will take some practice, there are a few spots with some "organic" timing i just have to memorize and feel... +1
March 14 2018 13:35:22
DrStrgeglv He said, "Organic"- huh,huh... +1

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