Rusting Away

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JEF29730208 jams
step I
Czech Republic
Lenny Cowler904 jams
step II
United States
KMstar1590 jams
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thanks Jef and Lenny, fun stuff!!!
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Dave Ellefson, Megadeth


Major 3rd
great bass add!!! cool tune!+1
I really like this one! Some hair metal qualities, but edgier! h3lls yeah!+1
March 15 2018 14:51:45
KMstar Thanks! Inspired by some older Megadeth +0
Great add brother+1
March 15 2018 14:50:21
KMstar Thanks bro! Where ya been, you working a shut down at a plant? +1
March 15 2018 16:04:35
axenvocs Yes laid off yesterday :) +1
March 15 2018 16:37:33
KMstar I am sure you can use the break, hope its not too long of one for you, we will have to work on some tunes while you have the extra time 🍻 +1
Lenny Cowler
great line bro, we need "Dave Mustain" singer:)+1
March 15 2018 04:08:08
Lenny Cowler
KMstar somethings in the works, I am kicking around some ideas. still working on a theme. Maybe escape from hanger 18 lol +1
ehhh. waiting for vocals to begin and it says bass :D awesome+2
March 15 2018 00:43:35
KMstar how is the mix? I would ask you to remix but I don't want to upload the HD track until I am sure of the take I want, I may try a few more. +2
March 15 2018 00:53:03
KMstar normally I would wait for Ernie or Kate to add a bass then find a vocal line but I am a big fan of Dave Ellefson. I went to a workshop of his last year and introduced my wife to him, got a pic and watched, he give an hour bass lesson 15 feet in front of me on a stage in a room with 50 people watching. it was a great lesson +2
March 15 2018 01:06:59
SupJax if you don't know the original, you might think it's all yours. but when you check for differences, you can see (hear) it's not pure bass, which comes from the guitars. you played entirely different, and chose a very cool sound, (i want to say 'cracky' here, but found out it's not really positiv :D) that supports everything. you had to reduce volumes in that case. or just kept what you had. i understand if you want to turn it up. i appreciate you didn't :)
no, it's perfect. even more after you heard the template
March 15 2018 01:10:33
KMstar Thanks very much! :D +1
March 15 2018 14:13:11
BuzzBomber SupJax, you give some of the best feedback on the 'loops! I really enjoy your insights, it helps me be a better listener +1
March 15 2018 16:01:38
SupJax means a lot that you shout it out loud haha :@ thanks. seems clear to me. i thought it was Km's wave of bass here, but it wasn't, and i had to check previous jam again to hear what he actually plays. don't need to be pro. just take time for your mates. AWWwee :D haha +2
March 15 2018 00:46:20
KMstar thanks very much! +1

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