Alive BluJazz Session (feat Focus5)

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tyros4155 jams
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Bass & Drums:
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Free bass groove jazzy version with the awesome drums track of Focus5 #10054 "Be-Bop comping" a really good drums session fit perfectly in the Tyros4 session, with the taste a alive jazz session Excuse me for little mistakes on bass groove Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: --BASS: Ibanez Roadster RS924 fretless bass with roundwounds strings select bridge/neck pickup position -Set EQ on the bass: active EQ with 60% low 50 % treble --PREAMPLIFIER: Behringer UltraG DI box (XLR/jack OUT) -Effect in amplifier: Korg ...


Wish I was better at jazz. I love this stuff. Maybe I will give it a shot for shits and giggles. lol Awesome job Glen.+2
March 16 2018 23:41:03
GlezBass The walking bass is my pending subject in the bass, follow Luis (Tyros4) with his diabolic groove on the piano is a daring on my part, but as my friend I'm sure he forgives me the failures, little by little I improves by practicing this type of jams. Thanks for your kind feedback :) +1
Muy bueno!
Y esa base de bateria quien es??
March 16 2018 23:55:41
GlezBass Gracias amigo!! Focus5 #10054 +1
Nice amigo, buen add, bajo consistente y perfectible y la batería ya la tenía yo en mi lista de colaboraciones jajaj es muy buena.+1
March 17 2018 00:07:34
GlezBass Linea de bajo mejorable pero audible, siempre es un estimulo los feedbacks positivos je je. The drummer es sencillamente "awesome", hice un corta y pega del ritmo para adaptar el tiempo total de la pista, y quedo bastante bien ;) +1
A distinct class!:)
March 17 2018 10:39:01
GlezBass Thanks so much Ray, I have to improve my walking bass technique, but you can hear something similar to jazz on walking bass he he +1

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