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such a cool track from Relativity that called to me. Thanks for a fab track R and thank you for listening :) HD is the vocals
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Rock, raw, acoustic


I didn't heard your voice for such a long time, Shi. This evening I rejoined wiki and my first music heard is this awesome singing by you.
Nothing has changed, fortunately, your voice, your expression, your timbre, your eroticism, your rhythm, your empathy, your storytelling, your perfection - all of you touches me still so deep.
Thank you, Shi, you force me really to rejoin and try to stay
March 17 2018 22:06:43
Shi thank you heliandros for such a kind comment :) I do hope we will hear some of your lovely music again soon :) +1
March 17 2018 22:12:39
heliandros Thank you for your kindness, Shi. We'll create some beautiful music soon - I bet :) You're so inspirating :) +1
March 18 2018 05:42:26
LeftTheLoops9-18 Heliandros you will never know the inspiration you are to me and the impact you have had upon everything I do here or in the studio. You more so then anyone, gave me musical vision back.You may think that is a slight exaggeration, but you really have. I admire your craftsmanship and your entire musical work ethic. I get everything you do. Whatever it takes for you to come back, please do it. I am sincere when I say everything I record , I ask myself even if subconciously "I hope Heliandros would approve of this." It isnt my intention to heap praise on you but rather give you the recognition your body of work and musicianship deserve. Please make it happen. +0
Just stunning. Absolutely stunning vocals. Thank you so much. A mere thumbs up is not enough to express appreciation for your creativity here.+2
March 18 2018 14:28:17
Shi :) I am very pleased you like it R :) +1
Awesome track by both of you :)+1
March 17 2018 21:24:38
Shi thank you TN :) +0
Fantastic jam Shi, so good ;)+1
March 17 2018 21:35:07
Shi thank you Glez, much appreciated :) +1
Super cool:D:D+1
March 17 2018 21:45:06
Shi thanks David :) +1
Excellent Shi ! :)+1
March 17 2018 21:52:16
Shi many thanks Inkless :) +1
Wow - love it! <3+1
March 17 2018 22:07:15
Shi many thanks wjl :) +1
March 23 2018 23:00:12
wjl Just listened to it again - so adorable! Downloaded; I will sit down with it... thanks Shi, and of course Joe. :) +0
Worlderfull song!
So many colors behind
A Shi’ndypop hop hop !
March 18 2018 12:00:11
Shi thank you Tof, hippety hippety :D +0
Fantastic :)+1
March 18 2018 12:00:29
Shi thanks Frankie :) +1
Clever production with the multiple voices, and of course the voice is so good. Love the way you've used the rhythm in this.+1
March 18 2018 12:00:46
Shi many thanks for stopping by Wade :) +1

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