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People tell me I am weird all the time. I can not tell if it is meant as a compliment, but i always take it that way. Ideas that push up against the boundaries are often perceived as weird, but then become fundamentally entrenched tomorrow. Just because an idea is weird, does not mean it is wrong, it may turn out to be critical shortly. GO AHEAD, BE WEIRD!
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A Lunatic, bent on changing the world


yeah bro! this rocks! well done! this would actually be cool to see done by the Muppets :W+3
March 18 2018 22:13:18
BuzzBomber Thanks KM! You have just identified my ultimate backing band. If had to miss the show Cookie Monster could sing! Animal! Animal! +2
March 18 2018 23:06:57
KMstar The Muppet show is awesome! +1
I have a shirt that says "Normal is the setting on a washing machine!" I'm about as weird as they get! What a fun tune! Let your freak flag fly!+2
April 20 2018 18:56:55
BuzzBomber Thanks! I have two flags! Welcome to the club! +1
nothing wrong with weird.... I like it :)+1
March 17 2018 21:45:01
BuzzBomber Right on, i think of this like a validation for folks who may not know it yet! :W +1
I'm already weird...and have many weird ideas Lol!! A great positive song for us weirdos! :o <3 :D+1
March 17 2018 21:52:34
BuzzBomber That's it exactly!
A weirdo anthem!<3
Is it weird ro like this? Count me in.+1
March 18 2018 22:14:14
BuzzBomber Yes, it is likely weird to like this! Welcome to the club! great Drumming BTW!<3:W +0
Heavy groove Great play and lyrics!+1
March 18 2018 22:12:11
BuzzBomber Thanks! Trying to send out some positive vibes into the universe... +0
Wonderful track Buzz. About being weird I must say that in my experience people that use the "wierd-term" in a negative accusing way are often the "realistic" people. Those who decide things in the world. Their realizm depend on the "realistic" thinkers. We - the weird ones are a tread to them because our ideas often demands changes. Now the big question is WHO ARE THE WEIRDS"? ;)+1
March 23 2018 16:40:09
BuzzBomber I agree, my hope is largely to encourage folks with weird ideas to stick it out, that they have at least one advocate in me! +1
April 16 2018 02:41:35
Major 3rd depends what we're trying to change...not all change is good. But in your question who is the real weirdo? Im a weirdo!:o:D I gladly except that honorary title..haha :D +0
yaa man! heavy duty and full of confidence in creativity, those who hold back for fear of what others may whats weird+1
April 04 2018 16:02:04
BuzzBomber YEAH! Welcome to the club! I M particularly glad you found this track, it is is one of my favorite things i have written +1
love it!!! Love the lyrics and vocals....great singing...weird is definitely a strength and show of personal identity rather than sing great bro! fantastic play!!!!:D:W:D once the on!!! the end cracked me up!!!lolol wasn't expecting that one...HAHAHA killer song!+1
April 16 2018 15:03:56
Major 3rd
BuzzBomber Thanks buddy! This is me gettin' "deep" haha! Your add is SO GREAT #135636 and your ending builds on my ending !! GRONK!!:o +0
LOL, what an ending :D
Super vocals Buzz, crazy good buddy !! :W :W
April 16 2018 15:00:55
BuzzBomber thanks! i ereally like this one too, but M3's adds! SO great! as to the end, just wanted to showcase an innovation... +1
April 16 2018 16:12:29
frankyguitar Yeah, really cool and this ending pure fun... +1
April 21 2018 16:02:09
BuzzBomber thanks! i ereally like this one too, but M3's adds! SO great! as to the end, just wanted to showcase an innovation... +0
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