Um dia em fevereiro + sax

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step I
New Zealand
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Dedicated back to John in hopes that he gets his guitar transport figured out before arriving in New Zealand. We will have some music to play!


heavenly ;o)+0
Sorry for not making a compliment right away on this wonderfull ad Wade,but as you know I'havn't axsess to the net all the time in this hilarious far away country.Great interpretation and wonderfull sound! Could only be comming from a kiwi with a strong feeling for melody and the right feeling what a song needs.Bravo!+1
March 24 2018 20:23:45
Wade Not worried about your replying. I knew it was possible I'd see you before hearing from you. Glad you liked. Eight more days? +0
March 27 2018 16:32:22
fanne If I survive the jetlag I already have…and I’m hardly halfway home :),if I can make a 360° turn at home, I’ll be there! Good news for the guitar!, I post this info on Wiki for all you Wikiloopers who, one time or another, will fly Southern China Airways . +1
March 27 2018 21:30:37
Wade I sure hope it works for you! Hint: take a copy of the part about musical instruments with you for check in as not all airport staff will know what's allowed so you may need to show them. +1
Lovely sensitive dialogue with Johns guitar. Your sense for what is needed in a song is impressive and sign of a well born soul.+1
March 23 2018 21:44:07
Wade That's such a lovely thing to say! Many thanks Marc. +1
francisco al
bom trabalho de sax, amigo Wade+1
March 22 2018 23:20:39
francisco al
Wade So very kind of you Francisco. 'm heading back to New Zealand in less than an hour, so won't be able to answer your message until tomorrow. +0
March 24 2018 06:11:24
You sax whispers in this great guitar template, you my friend have the ability to whisper through your sax with lots of feeling and of course a great choice of the melody notes, Added to the playlist+1
March 22 2018 23:19:11
Wade Very much an honor to make your playlist. Many thanks. +1
a very beautiful dance between the instruments.. most excellent job, Wade :) <3<3<3+1
March 22 2018 23:18:36
Wade Very kind of you Don. A dance indeed and a tough one for me! Thanks. +1
Only wonderful Wade !! A lovely track you both, a dream of smooth gentleness and love :)+1
March 22 2018 23:17:54
Wade So glad that it seems smooth and lovely. It was actually a bitch to play with the odd changes and softness. Thanks Franky. +1
So lovely ... 😉😊👍+1
March 22 2018 23:16:50
Wade So good of you to give a listen. Thanks jjdf. +0
A perfect dance for two. Excellent choice and play of you two :)+1
such a wonderful track it became ! the two of you did a work of wonder :)+1
March 22 2018 23:15:49
Wade Thanks OliVBee! High praise from you! Hope can live up to it! +1

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