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Actually 12/8 metre (but it is not in the option box) Bass, Guitar,
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Slow, Beats, Drums,


Excellent Stella ! Is that a 6/8 ... ?+3
March 23 2018 10:04:39
soulsushi I think its 3/4 with +1
March 23 2018 10:55:50
Anon518 If you guys don't know for am i supposed to know? Im just a dumb blonde!!: +1
Hello hello, very good rhythm pattern going on here, I think this can be counted in 6/8 with no problem at all because it repeats itself every 6 beats and it just gives that feeling overall, except at 1:26 when the beat actually fills every 12 beats but just for 2 bars, that is what makes me thing that this could be listed in 6/8 if you donĀ“t get the option of 12/8 hahaha sorry to bother and bore everyone with all this stuff, this will get lots of adds for sure+3
March 24 2018 18:31:00
pconey Its not boring at all. Very interesting. For any other interested loopers :-

The difference in 12/8 and 6/8 is that n 12/8 time, there should be emphasis on the first beat and a smaller emphasis on the third beat (which is the 7th eighth note (quaver) of each measure).

In 6/8 time, there should be an emphasis on the first beat of every measure, which means that every other beat will have an emphasis that is a bit stronger than it would have in 12/8 time.

12/8: O . . + . . o . . + . .
6/8: O . . + . . O . . + . .

6/8 duple & 12/8 (quadruple) are called compound meters.

Eg 6/8 :-

House of the rising sun
Norwegian Wood

Eg 12/8 :-

Tears for Fears - Everyone Wants to Rule the World.

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster

Try humming Norwegian Wood over this..yes!!? ;)
cool backdrop beat for a song will try to add over the weekend.No promises but i love this beat.;)+1
March 23 2018 10:54:44
Anon518 No rush duck. Thankyou Don ! :) +0
This will get the creative juices flowing. Nice sound quality and great template+1
March 23 2018 10:56:39
Anon518 Cheers P.V. :) +1 additives, no caffeine, no preservatives, zero calories, gluten-free, non-GMO and organic, farm-fresh drum beat!!! :)+1
March 23 2018 10:57:55
Anon518 Everything is caffeine fuelled.
It would have to be farm fresh living round here! :D

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