Desperately Sleepless Fugue

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Puerto Rico
moonchild142 jams

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go to sleeeeeep already..... this be a strange departure from jazziness and even-mildly-interesting lyrics. and hey, it's nearly in Ab. It's like a few cents sharp, bite me. no, please don't. honestly, what i'd like to hear is some hip-hop drums. ask me anytime what i wanna hear and thats probably what i'd say. now is no different. "but it's a weird fugue-y thing, why hip-hop drums?" you might ask. i will reply, "always the hip hop drums." with love, moonchild
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baroque, acapella, experiment


This is the one i will try to make 3 versions on diferents styles+0
Wonderful creativity...too short though. Wanted it to go on for another 10 minutes.+0
francisco al
ficou, show de bola, amiga moonchild+0
Very musical. If I was your producer I'd hire someone like Mozart. Only piano, no drums...
As artists such as Zappa and others defined there own sound and style so dose The Moonchild :D+0
Nice fugue, I love fugues from classical music to contemporary works, you did an awesome work with your voice, you could get orchestrated instead of hip hop drums lol, congratulations Devin :)+0
March 23 2018 19:28:20
jussef63 by the way we can tune perfectly to your vocal tunning, that is no proble, I have done that with some guitar works and other vocals so don´t worry +0
cool track in the art of fugue :)+0
Fantastic Track MC. I hope there will be an awesome hip hop drummer for you and this great track. But Hey! When a true artist sing a great song the pitch shall not be a problem. The instrument players just have to get their instruments in "the right" tune. ;)+0
Great idea, got instantly the mouth art of Camille in mind. I love your timbre and expression.
I hope you wont bite those who add other than hh-drums :)
Wow, what harmonies!+0

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