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never done this before sorry if its in the wrong place. really wanted to have a go at the end of branch version from moon child but too many players :( .... so, as all the stems are here I downloaded them and remixed right from this outstanding double bass line from Oli, then I added both of Marcey's keys tax (113661 and 113800), then whitedrum55's great brushwork (114877), then Moonchild's brill vocal (113130) and whilst Oli's guitar is wonderfull, ...


I love your playing :) Can't mistake that classic tone... beautiful, really! Lil bluesy, lotta jazzy, sweet soloing <3+0
March 29 2018 08:50:11
kimbo Whew! Was thinking you didn't approve.:D glad you like. Xx +0
March 29 2018 08:52:11
moonchild <3 :) +0
Bit late reaction... heard it already though!

You did a great job on the track, sounds smooth, jazzy and cool! Enough ingredients if you ask me! :)
March 27 2018 19:54:25
kimbo Hope where I put it on the tree was cool with you...but I couldn't think of anywhere else.
Hope I haven't annoyed anyone.
March 27 2018 20:06:15
Marceys Yeah, i think you really did that! Loading this stuff on the wring spot, how could you! :) :)

No man, think this is the right spot for adding after the tree is full!
But is is a good thing you notice others in the tree, it would have been bad when i didn’t get noticed and maybe wouldn’t have heard you add!
So good to hear your "spore" being spread around on this fine track. You've got feel for this style.+0
March 29 2018 12:45:13
kimbo I try;/ +1
March 29 2018 21:34:42
Wade When I'd sa "I try" to my mother she would agree and say "you're very trying". +0
Compliment from me Kimbo - this grooves, and you gave proper credits. I was wondering about the same lately, like mixing together different takes of different people - but didn't know how to do it in any other way than you did it here. I'd have no idea how to program that widget to show all the musicians, would be an interesting to-do for the administrators / programmers in here ;)
Anyway, great work man - thanks for letting us hear it! :W :Y <3
March 24 2018 10:09:47
kimbo thank you for the listen my friend... (ps I think dick already has enough work on his plate) +1
March 24 2018 10:12:15
kimbo we used to use the "crazy remix board" if we went over the six generation limit, in the forums section of wiki loops... but stuff just got buried there.. and now so much stuff is in hi def individual tracks the game is a bit different. +1
cool to hear you in a different territory :) nice guitaring buddy !+1
March 24 2018 09:54:16
kimbo thanks mate...not as cool as you yet ...but I had to give it a go:)
hope I put it in the best place?
March 24 2018 09:56:47
OliVBee yea i guess it's about the best place you could find ! :) +1
:) So cooool, K!+1
March 24 2018 02:51:23
kimbo ..hmmm not as smooth as id've liked... but the only way to learn these things is to keep on trying.;) +1
March 24 2018 02:52:45
mpointon You're as bad as me for the self-deprecation! Be warned: Wade will be on your case :) +2
I love this!! like Gemmy said, so smooth!+1
yeah!!!!! smooth as Oli's "Glad you had fun" comment!
I so B known' you done, had it! Fun!
Nice my friend, that is the magic of Wikiloops, you are free to mix in and out whoever you like or not and do your own version with other adds is just fun and all music lovers should really appreaciate the mixing effort done by yourself. Congratulations on the guitar work, smoth jazzy guitar my friend.+1

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