The Journey IS the Destination

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Added some Bass guitar to Dani's excellent rendition. Thank You for the great drums~ I tried all kinds of different bass amp settings and tones..Finally settled on sixties amp..cut through better I think...ahh the ear of the beholder I guess? Quite a few super drum adds to this and all of which I intend to do adds at some point..great tune by James Doo Not sure why lyric box option is not available...;O( see lyrics in comment section
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metal, ballad


"The Journey is the Destination"
It’s okay that they weren’t there
When you needed help the most
They played it safe
They left you on your own

There’s two paths that you can choose
As long as you know the road your on
Just don’t turn off, keep going straight
Till you get to your destination

There’s no way that they can say
They ever cared for anyone
Just keep the faith
And just stay strong
Till you get where your going to..

I remember looking at you
As I lay there cold and still
You turned and walked the other way
Which way do we turn

The journey is the destination

Though the road has many turns
Many things we learn
You never hold onto the past
You keep going on! Yeah

Repeat previous…chorus

Which way do we go
Which way do we turn
Nobody ever really knows
Just keep going on
The journey is the destination
Good add Major 3rd and great song from you all ! Bravo ! :) :W+1
March 24 2018 18:57:53
Major 3rd thanks ellouidir!:W +0
Great song and playing Craig .. cool bro!!! :W+1
March 24 2018 18:57:19
Major 3rd Ty Ernie!:) +1
March 24 2018 19:19:04
Ernie440 just checkin' yer pic .. so you're a lefty! :O +0
A great song Craig and great playing.Interesting how you get the song up to date. Like it a lot.:):D+1
March 27 2018 17:22:05
Major 3rd thank you! glad you liked it! :D:) +0
The man is seriously back and that’s a good thing :)+1
March 27 2018 17:22:25
Major 3rd ty Tof! :) +0
really a great song and a very cool mood!+1
March 27 2018 17:22:45
Major 3rd thanks Pewi! :) +0
bom trabalho, amigo Major 3rd+1
March 27 2018 17:23:01
francisco al
Major 3rd thanks francisco! :) +0
January 03 2019 15:48:54
Major 3rd ty dani...did ya ever get any folks for the djent collabs?:W +0

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