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If we agree that music is a language an you want to learn jazz improvisation. What will you do ? First you need to have vocabulary words and sentences that we call licks... Also you need to speed not to fast not to slow... with a tight rhythm. Finally listen to the greats and famous players like Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Emily Remler, Jim Hall... To hear how they do... This is all i'm trying ...


Très bien fait.+1
March 25 2018 23:30:46
gabriel289 Merci, je travaille très fort pour m’améliorer, en même temps c’est un super loisir et j’ai beaucoup de plaisir à apprendre la musique! +1
March 25 2018 23:43:35
ROBJOL Il me semble que le son de ta guitare s'est amélioré de beaucoup. +1
Cool track:)+1
Wonderful progression and playing, Gab! I so much respect that you are listening to the Jazz Greats and developing your own Jazz style. Your playing improves all the time! ALWAYS keep practicing and playing with others!+1
March 26 2018 23:35:40
gabriel289 Thanks, I also like to learn from experienced musician like you! +0
Really nice Gabriel!! Improving constantly .. amazing!! :W+1
March 27 2018 18:39:28
gabriel289 Thanks Ernie, Practing hard everydays paies at the end! +1
I Missed this !+1
sounds great ! :)+1
Excellent base track!!!+1
March 29 2018 13:16:52
gabriel289 Thanks, would you like to remix you drums ?
A lovely track that's perfect for lots of adds.+1

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