The Fonky Fonk Train ๐Ÿš‚

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Fun little funk noodle with the man himself Mr. WD, thanks for the great play and fun WD!! :W key of E for the funky parts (4) and G for the melodic solo parts. (3)
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Bass and drums jam


This feels like something that might turn out to a double bass jam :D Cool groove! :) :Y+2
March 26 2018 16:50:46
Ernie440 thanks!! ;) Sounds like fun man, been a while!! :D +1
March 26 2018 16:52:27
BuzzBomber that would be awesome... +1
Oh, yeah! Nicely extruded!+1
March 26 2018 16:51:20
Ernie440 Extruded!! LOL :D ta buzz! +1
March 26 2018 16:51:04
Ernie440 hehe :W:D +0
ficou, joia, amigo Ernie+1
March 26 2018 21:46:27
francisco al
Ernie440 hey my friend, thanks so much! +0
March 27 2018 00:17:37
Ernie440 You are a great bass player, singer and now .. fantastic dancer too!! :D:D :D +1
Laying down some old-school :W Sounds great Ernie!+1
March 27 2018 03:13:50
Ernie440 Thanks buddy, great drummin to old school it on!! :W +1
Great template from you two and the downloads are piling up.+1
March 27 2018 15:51:05
Ernie440 Well thanks Wade, I sure hope it gets some adds!! :D +1
are you black?+1
March 27 2018 15:50:24
Ernie440 haha! Let's check ... nope!! But I grew up next to a black community and went to school with them, maybe some rubbed off?? lol Is this racist commentary?? hahaha The world is so PC today. :W +1
March 29 2018 07:53:19
FrankMil I mean well despite my lack of decorum and pc +1
March 29 2018 15:41:22
Ernie440 Right on bro, I see nothing wrong with what you said, (lots of great black funk players, great compliment) just commenting on how nutz the world is getting .. U know we have more than 2 genders now??? .. LOL +1
Darn it Ernie.. how do you make it sound so easy to get such sweet sound from a bass?? If I try that all you hear is two cats fighting. Great job, bro :) :W+1
March 27 2018 15:48:47
Ernie440 I actually use two basses my friend, tie them together by their tails and throw them over a clothesline ... haha .. bad joke .. kidding, love my kitty. Thanks very much buddy re. the sound :):W +1

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