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A wonderful Jam collaboration by Klaus, Stef, Anne, and Kimbo, to which I just added a bit of low end. Thanks everyone, it's a pleasure and honour jammin' with you!
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Pop bluesy ballad


cool song :) imho your bass is too close to the rhodes in your mix ? not distinctive enough ;)+2
March 28 2018 09:49:36
wjl Merçi Olivier! And yes, that (simulated?) Rhodes is all over the place, and very prominent in the lower registers - sounds like open strings on my PBass at certain chords. That's why I sometimes used harmonics (flagiolet notes), and my 'upper register' (like playing 10ths and such). But I'll also listen to it again over speakers - cannot do this in the evenings. Thanks for your helpful comment! :) +2
It's a pleasure hearing this creation then and now. I like the minimal approach you take to support the mood. Thank you, W!+2
April 12 2018 05:32:37
wjl Thank you Anne, it was a pleasure and an honour for me :) +0
wow this is crazy good. It has been looping as i move around the office+1
March 27 2018 21:02:56
wjl Thanks BB - I'm glad that you like it! :) +1
Very tastefull bass line wjl, you have so much to give my friend, you have patience and wise decisions in your technique, always keeping it simple but interesting, helping everyone else to shine, great supportive role and way better sound than other mixes my friend.+1
March 27 2018 21:09:41
wjl Awww many thanks my dear friend! Coming from a master bass player like you that's quite an honour! :) +1
Another good add Wolfgang! :) This song sounds familiar :D+1
March 27 2018 21:47:54
wjl Thanks eGiL - and I know you had a very good bass on it yourself. Still I couldn't resist when I heard kimbo's add. Glad you like it! :) +1
March 27 2018 21:51:02
eGiL I like how you kept on the A, it's what i should have done to :P Very good :) +1
Great bass line friend, necessary support in the jam :)+1
March 27 2018 22:30:42
wjl ¡Muchas graçias Mario - that's very kind of you! :) +1
wunderschöner bass wolfgang ;o)+1
March 28 2018 09:46:38
wjl Danke Uloisius! :) +1
wunderschön einfühlsam gespielt, top!+1
March 28 2018 21:08:17
wjl Danke schön Heliandros! Dasselbs gilt für Dich; bin schon (auch mit Tochter) an Deinem Stück mit der herrlichen Harfe von CJ... :) +1
Nice deep sound and accurate playing! Thank you so much for joining here! :)+1
March 28 2018 21:07:07
wjl Thanks to *you* Stef, for putting these chords and that nice Rhodes sound over the drums! It was a pleasure and an honour for me! Sadly, there's no emoticon for bowing ;) +1
March 28 2018 21:13:00
Stef Thanks a lot for your beautiful words, you're really kind! :) +1
...proper bass! love it!+1
March 29 2018 10:24:49
wjl Thanks kimbo - and the same goes for your guitar, it's wonderful! :) +0

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