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soulsushi82 jams

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If you don't like it, you know what you can do... Basically a test track to see what the response would be. Add at will or not. No refunds or exchanges without receipts.
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Funk, Hippy Hop, Electronic Chaos


Sounds so great :D :W+1
April 18 2018 15:53:09
soulsushi Awesome, Franky...thanks!!! :):W +0
very cool i like this a lot:D:Y+1
April 18 2018 15:53:59
soulsushi Gracias, Mike...I'm glad you approve!!! :):W +1
April 18 2018 19:19:18
Mikebanez quality check. yes you pass;) +1
Lenny Cowler
April 18 2018 04:49:59
Lenny Cowler
soulsushi Thanks very much, Lenny!!! :) +1
April 18 2018 04:50:49
soulsushi Mucho gracias, ladyjammer!!! :) +1
April 18 2018 16:59:12
jamlady :D +0
Freaking funky psycho awesome my good friend, this sounds very good+1
March 31 2018 14:21:03
soulsushi Thanks...was lucky to get Tof and Fish to jump on it too :) +1
Fantastic :D:D+1
March 30 2018 00:49:25
soulsushi Thanks very much, Ivax!!! :):) +0
Another great sounding track from you!+1
March 29 2018 22:15:51
soulsushi Thanks very much, Wade...please feel free to jump in on anything I've uploaded!!! :) +1
March 29 2018 22:35:39
Wade It will happen, but I'm incredibly slow at getting tracks back. My "system" (or lack there-of) is to download lots of stuff. I have no idea what any of it is when I go to play along. A track number comes up and I hit record. If not OK the first time I do again up to three times. If it still isn't OK then I move on. I'll do up to 12 of these in one session, but usually only once every week or two. The tracks then sit in a pile of unedited stuff waiting until I decide to tackle editing...which may take another few weeks up to a month. So I have no idea much of the time who the track is from, or anything about it until it gets posted back, and it's only a fraction of what's downloaded. Pretty slack eh?

I have no idea how others download and post back the same day, and I'm not sure that I'd want to. Part of it is an intense dislike for editing. Not something I want to do...a necessity. When it's raining and there's no other work to do it's another type of "work" that needs clearing up.
March 30 2018 22:02:23
soulsushi Wade, don't even sweat it, man...the last thing you need is extra pressure that starts turn the process into something that resembles 'work'. This is a pure labor of love that won't yield much more than a few 'likes' and high-fives from our peers and likely more for satisfying our inner desire for artistic expression--or to feed the creative beast inside musicians' I feel your pain as you describe your 'system'; for me, I rarely end up adding to others' tracks so I can't vouch for what system works or not; usually I just try to upload content that feels interesting to me...hopefully you'll soon crack the code to find out what works best and give you the ability to work through, edit and post your grooves sooner, 'cause tempus fugit, my friend!!! :)<3<:) +1
March 31 2018 05:12:11
Wade Yea... tempus comebackem est. +1
:o:DROCKin IT!:o:D+1
March 29 2018 21:08:03
soulsushi Thanks, Gemmy!!! Glad you like it!!!:):D:) +0
The bit from 2:34 is a bit avant-garde for me. Rest of it is great though! :)+1
March 29 2018 20:02:01
GemmyF Fried your noodle aye? +1
March 29 2018 21:09:53
soulsushi LOL...yeah, I know, GE...I shoulda chopped off the tail before mixing was late, I was tired....(excuses, excuses) ;) +1
Cool! Love the half-time backbeat :Y :W+1
March 29 2018 21:11:46
soulsushi Glad you approve, WD...I love doing poly rhythmic beats :):D:) +1

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