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The sequel (The game of harmonic notes) To my Wikiloopers friends (current and future ones), :) The (video tribute to the participants of the track '' The Game of Harmonic Notes '') is currently being prepared and I started to make a global reMix that will be in the video ... N.B .: Here is not the reMix in question, I made this one to give an indication to what I'm heading with this project ... --- IMPORTANT: It lacks remixes in different styles ... Metal, ...


Super Sound and good works;)<3
Many regards
so many interesting ideas and layers to discover here :)+1
Got to be one of the most added to, played and thumbed track here in all its guises and great to hear all of these mixed together....congratulations Ray+1
April 09 2018 13:14:12
StJray Thank you very much for these kind words, this touches me. In addition to the small tribute video clip, I also have in mind to make a special album using different versions ...:W +1
Unbelievable what was developed from a few harmonic notes over time, and with so many great musicians. Bravo to everyone - this is IMHO what wikiloops is all about. Love every note played here, and every line sung. <3+1
April 02 2018 02:12:10
StJray Thank you for those kind words! :)
Yes, '' The Game of Harmonic Notes '' represents for me the spirit of my current Wikiloops perception. Accessible to all ... to communicate musically with all. The possibilities here are endless and I hope that several others will play '' The Game ''.
francisco al
ótimo Mix, amigo
Es muy interesante
Y yo que tengo que tocar aqui?? Meter algun trozo de mis jams???
March 31 2018 18:18:11
StJray Hey tyros4:)
1) Puede elegir aquí #133001 O seleccionar un lugar en el siguiente: actualmente hay 152 descargas y 58 remixes.
a) Inckless eligió #133001 y su creación es #133981
b) ARS también eligió aquí # 133001 y su creación es #133446

2) Puedes tocar con varios instrumentos (batería, bajo, teclado, ...) y hacer una mezcla completa o puedes tocar con un solo instrumento.

3) Puede hacer una creación completamente nueva o adaptar una de sus creaciones existentes usando la pista inicial #133001
Thanks to you!:W
March 31 2018 18:22:16
tyros4 Lo hare :) +0
Very good <3+1
March 31 2018 04:53:29
StJray Thanks TheXBass !:)
(en passant, ton icone est superbe):W
March 31 2018 07:59:43
TheXBass Merci 😊 +0
I have just heard this track again ... and it is important for me to write a second time: Very good work from you!:)+1
March 30 2018 17:21:29
StJray Hey Pewi,:)
Thanks to you very much my friend,
I did this quickly to give an idea of ​​what I was going with the idea ... Some nice surprises will be added ... here is a new one created by Inkless #133981 that I<3
March 30 2018 19:15:37
Pewi Thanks for the tip;) +1
Wow, this is really a great big work! Amazing how you bring all these takes together in this cool way! Very very good composing on your side and your mixxing skills are super! Enjoyed it a lot! Love to hear your 2.0 version too!+1
March 30 2018 04:29:00
StJray Thank you Mark for the nice comments.
This is the first draft, version 2.0 is to follow ...
And after that will be '' the tribute video '' :)

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