Ambient Jam II (crickets cry to stop Monsanto)

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That is a jam with a message...if you don't know about Monsanto and the work of this, please check this Video: german Version: english version: If you have time to watch this know more about what I want to say with my jam and why I puplish this... crickets life is in the fields......------------ - - - -.
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An Oregon band named Floater wrote a song.... At the end of it he talks about the planet trying to tell those who will listen that a reckoning is coming soon... No one will be spared... But at least those who listen will be spared the surprise... It's nothing personal... A cleansing must happen.... Here it is........"And it came up from the water's edge
Went down to the village now
I saw it follow me to my home
Staring at me
Spiderleg fingers
Seashell hair
Looking glass eyes

It said:

"Don't you know who I am boy?"
"Do you recognize me yet?"
"Oh, do you recognize me yet?"
"I brought you everything"
"I brought you all you know"
"I brought you everything"
"I'm everwhere you go"
"I'm everwhere you've been"
"I'm everyone you see"
"I'm every corner darkened"
"I'm everything you cant see"

And he said:

"I am the prophet, and I am the King!"
"And I am the gold and all the silver they bring!"
"And I am the trumpets, and I am the swords!"
"And I am the Devil, and I am the Angel of the Lord!"
"I'm the persecutor, come to torture you now""
"I'm the rule that's ending, I'm everyone you know!"
"Everyone you know!"
"Everyone you know!"
"I'm everyone you know!"
"Everyone you know..."

Night after night the same questions
Go dry
Give in
Its all the same to me now
Its all the same to me now
Ah, dont worry
'Cause this only meant to be
A little warning to you from me, yeah
And I am only meant to be affectionate...."
Mansanto is evil..... This song is beautiful and hopeful!+0
NICE, NICE track @Fresh !!
& i couldn't agree more with you regarding the friggin' LUNATICS at Monsanto & so many other big companies ! :(
my hope is that they actually try to take it too far & when the shit hits the fan…..THEY WILL have a surprise & i hope it's a REALLY NASTY one !!!
bunch of psychopaths the whole lot !
This touches me in its idea and simple beauty.+1
January 06 2014 07:12:08
@FreshFunk Thank wade that you understood the message - easy way to tell other what goes on on our planet - every hand in all kind of work can help to stop this -- also the music we are send to the world.... +0
Cool title. I know Monsanto pretty well. Their corn taste shit:)+1
not only the crickets cry...+1
Very good idea!!! Die Parameter Menschenverachtung, Naturzerstörung, Gier und Verlogenheit stehen für Monsanto.+1
...finde es sehr gut, dass Du Dich dieses Themas annimmst...message understood (!!)+1
great idea... downloaded... to join your petition...+1
Thank you, FF! Great idea and mood!
Syngenta, Monsanto, Du Pont, Advanta – they will kill us slowly

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