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Title inspired by Titi. Music inspired by the fadeout to Dear Prudence.Thank you!


Yesss, I'm the first one :) :) Your technique is awesome and your compositions are awesome!+2
April 08 2018 17:24:52
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you, Peter It was inspired by the scrambled eggs ,waffles , real maple syrup and bacon I had this morning. +1
I am the first Peter to congratulate you on another beautiful breakfast Joe
Btw the musics not bad either.....seriously<3
April 08 2018 17:50:39
LeftTheLoops9-18 It was a very beautiful breakfast , Peter. Real fresh squeezed orange juice, Real maple syrup freshly tapped from Maple trees and sent to me from New York state, Buckwheat waffles(Buckwheat is actually considered fruit, not wheat ????) Bacon extra crispy! "breakfast with the Beatles" playing on the radio all morning...theres a good chance I nicked the pattern from hearing the outro to "Dear Prudence".you are always invited over. Thank you! +1
Great acoustic playing.:D
Funny how when I first found you here you were a wild bass player player and I never realized you guitar playing is so good.
April 08 2018 23:27:02
LeftTheLoops9-18 haha wild bass player i am. I remember shredding the bass on a metal song and spraying blood everywhere as my fingers bled! hahaha! My first year on the Loops was just bass because thats all I had. But yes, Ron, I was a pro studio musician back in the day, many moons ago. I have all my old stuff on soundcloud. Im singing and playing here with myseldf from 20 years ago. the first part is me now, second half was done 20 years ago. You can see the credits on the SC page. Thanks man, appreciate the comment. +1
Fantastic Guitar playing Joe. I really look forward to hear a lot of great adds for this one. Awesome. :W+1
April 08 2018 17:51:15
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you Peter X 3 ! +1
It's so nice to listen to the acoustic guitar is well played! And here it is ... it's very inspiring ...<3
Thanks to you my friend to share here,:W
April 08 2018 18:49:36
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you Ray! Most appreciated! +1
April 08 2018 19:01:36
StJray Comme par hasard, j’écoutais #132391 lorsque tu as écrit ton message!:W +1
April 08 2018 19:04:06
wow so well played Relativity...;););)+1
April 08 2018 18:49:50
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thanks so much , Slin! +1
Absolutely delicious. Nice picking playing for a beautiful story. Nice incarnation of your country.
I do not know him, but your play sticks to the pictures of children I've made over time.
thank you for that :)
April 08 2018 18:50:11
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you, Sir for sharing the inspiration! I am changing the working title to your idea. +1
Again a fantastic guitar playing, wonderful music Joe ! :)+1
April 08 2018 23:23:38
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you so much Franky! +1
Beautifully played! :)+1
April 08 2018 23:28:16
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thanks, T! Very appreciated +0
ótimo trabalho de harmonia, amigo Relativity+1
April 08 2018 23:28:37
francisco al
LeftTheLoops9-18 Thank you my friend! +0
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