You Make Me Wanna Sing, 'La!

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it has been a few weeks since my last love song, so here we go. i like feeling this way, and i like writing about it. this one's simple, and just magnifies my feelings. If you don't like it, tough sh!t, some other song will come by in a few minutes, listen to that. I am sure i will back to my sarcastic self soon enough, but these songs are fun. Oh and, i love you Stella
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acoustic guitar love song happiness


Wow. Listened twice already. Yes..i'm awake at 5am with a dumb ass grin on my face...I Love you Dave! <3 <3 <3+1
sweet track :)+1
April 13 2018 23:37:22
BuzzBomber Thanks man! I had a lot of fun doing it. +1
ótimo trabalho, amigo BuzzBomber+1
April 15 2018 01:14:56
francisco al
BuzzBomber thanks francisco! +0
haha this is really cool vocal and text Dave...;););)+1
April 15 2018 16:05:29
BuzzBomber thank You Nils. despite being light jearted and happy, this one is deep to me... ! +1

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