I Am Your........

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acoustic Guitar:
pkliesch110 jams
step I
Cook Islands
betsyboo2 jams
acoustic Guitar & Guitar:
Balfo495 jams
step III
Bass, Keys & Mixer:
Peterpingo196 jams
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+ 13
When I heard this wonderful add from Balfo I had the pleasure to enjoy Betsy´s wonderful voice for the first time. I decided to make little adding but I noticed that Pat already had made a great song for the track. I decided to mix the first part of his great song to the track as an "introduction" (duetish effect) to Betsy´s awesome song. The I added A bass line an El-piano a Piano and a little congas in the ...


Great Mix. :)+1
October 11 2018 14:00:28
Peterpingo Thanks Telemetry. :) I´m so glad you like. +0
Very cool!+1
May 27 2018 21:40:58
Peterpingo Thanks Giuseppe. :) I´m so glad you like. +1
Incredible!!!! WOW... Sounds so GREAT!!!! You so well add the perfect sounds so well played by you on multiple instruments and Man, your a MASTER mixer my friend!!+1
April 21 2018 15:57:29
Peterpingo And you are such a nice guy Dan. I´m always so happy read your great comments. I really appreciate it and at the same time I´m very honoured that it comes from a great capacity like you my friend. :) +0
francisco al
belo trabalho de remix, amigo Peterpingo+1
April 20 2018 06:03:03
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks Francisco. I´m so glad you like. :) +0
Awesome work Peter.You have such a great talent my friend:)+1
April 17 2018 07:56:20
Peterpingo Thanks Marc. Your comment is very kind. Much appreciated my friend. :) +1
This is a stunning song and you mixed it beautifully Peter I was playing around with this myself a little but I think your congas and WDs drums are perfect as are your wonderful adds you are making magic sounds.... bravo😊❤️+1
April 17 2018 07:59:34
Peterpingo Thanks Pete. :) I´m so glad you like. WD´s track was actually in the last part of Betsy´s great song. I Just thought it should be more so I downloaded and mixed his HD track. THX my friend :) +1
what a great remix, Peter. Thank you so much!! 😊+2
April 17 2018 08:03:23
Peterpingo Thanks Pat. I´m so happy you like. Much appreciated. THX for this great song. :) +1
Fantastic mix!+1
April 16 2018 20:08:06
Peterpingo Thanks Balfo. I really had an awesome time with this track. Thank you for giving me the chance. I´m so glad you like. THX for listening. :) +1
Major 3rd
awesome!!!!! wow...sounds fabulous! what a great song...a hit! well done Peter! cheers:D love how you changed the intro...and the full sound now amazing. top notch work by all.+2
April 16 2018 00:23:30
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Craig. I´m so glad you like. I was actually surprised how smooth the part with pats vocal to Betsys went. Her add is one note higher than "the original version".THX for listening and liking. :) +1
April 16 2018 00:24:57
Major 3rd
Major 3rd listening and listening...in love with this tune! cheers +0
April 16 2018 00:27:30
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Pats tracks are always wonderful. But I was really astonished by Betsy´s wonderful voice for this track. I hope she will be making a lot of adds in the future. (What a voice <3 ) +1
April 16 2018 00:31:07
Major 3rd
Major 3rd whose the guy singing? is that a voice change effect? agreed she is super singer....supa dupa! +1
April 16 2018 00:38:11
Major 3rd
Peterpingo The guy-singer is Pat. It´s from the track "I Am Your Man" (#126464). :) +1
April 16 2018 01:18:38
Major 3rd
Major 3rd ty +0
April 15 2018 22:40:23
Peterpingo Thanks Frankie. So glad you like. Very much appreciated. :) +1

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