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Here's a plain old drums track for Ya! The first one I've done so hope its not to rough - the timing is actually around the bpm 108.9 mark! But what do I know? :) I was thinking rock, seventies, foreign and one of my all time favourite rock songs but hopefully somebody can use it for any ideas. Hope you find useful and if anyone wants a drum track julet me know.


very very cool drumming Peter...;););)+0
Great template.
One of my favorites from the 70's too :)
April 16 2018 23:53:23
PJE So pleased you got it Frankie, should have known you would...... think we need melodic rock as much as ever bro :) +1
cool groove here Peter :) nice work. Looking forward to hearing what happens with this one :)+1
April 16 2018 21:18:16
PJE Shi you are so good to me thank you for listening and such a lovely compliment.. you never know if your vocals ever find there way on somehow then I will be happy indeed:D:) +1
Nice my friend, I will try to use it on the week end, I owe you a jam my friend.+1
April 16 2018 20:29:31
PJE You owe me nothing amigo you have paid me over and over again with the pleasure of listening to your bass , but if you want to jam... I know you like Mr King so how about we try a littel Level 42 ish music? +1
April 16 2018 20:33:27
jussef63 Sure that sounds fun :) +1
April 16 2018 20:36:57
PJE I will work on a drums track unless you have some grooves in mind already if so and you want you can email me at pemmonds@gmail.com +1
Lenny Cowler
perfect play with really great sound:)+1
April 16 2018 18:37:53
Lenny Cowler
PJE Appreciate that from you Lenny bro ...means a lot to get a great drummers thoughts on this I wasn;t sure if it could be used :) +1
Great track Peter. This has potential for a lot of cool tracks. :) :W I just love that you "correct" the BPM that says 109 to perfection 108,9 "Ordnung muss sein. :D:D+1
April 16 2018 17:27:28
PJE Haha Ja Ja Peter this is the German in me coming out....timing does fluctuate though so best palyed with feel not just trust the Nome any way
Thans so much my friend :W:D
April 16 2018 17:33:14
Peterpingo Normally I don´t care so much about the BPM from a metronome when there is a drummer on the track unless the drummer is totally untight which you are definitely NOT. BPM from a metronome can sometimes be a problem if you are making adds for more "classical" music. Not that classical musicians are untight but they often "rest" a little with some notes. That confuses the metronome But that´s a part of the game :) +1
April 16 2018 17:35:16
PJE Peter I know you have the perfect ear and feel my friend always shines in your music:) +1
April 16 2018 17:36:20
Peterpingo Thanks friend. :) +1

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