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Now, the Bandproject ColdPlasma (mortheol & frankyguitar) has an own account for publish the music we did together. We hope you enjoy :) This Song we did together a little time ago. German translation in the box.
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very interesting and creative work :)+1
May 01 2018 02:14:36
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Shi!! We appreciate it very much :) +0
"America Today" is a very great track of you : you should upload it again here...
Oh... what a very good committed music by you both my friends.
April 28 2018 00:38:52
ColdPlasma Thank you very very much Agnèss !!
I think "America Today" will sure a track on our first Wikiloops album. We work hard on new tracks.
Thank you again my friend <3
ColdPlasma is born and a new music is born too. Congratulations to you both, Frank and Ron. Your identity is real. I knew it for a very long time that you would do this one day my friends. Tears in my eyes when I'm listening to you now. I'm your very first fan. <3+1
April 28 2018 00:36:33
ColdPlasma My very dear friend, THANK you so much Agnèss for this wonderful words !! I'm proud and so happy to read your beautiful comment !! <3 We appreciate it very very much !! :) +1
fascinate music and video. You take an interesting point of view . If many join in, maybe that can be a way :) :):W+1
April 23 2018 06:14:58
ColdPlasma Vielen Dank René. Nun ja, der Welt und der Menscheit könnte es nicht schaden wenn sich zur Abwechslung mal die zusammenrotten die etwas FÜR die Menschen und die Welt tun wollen. :) :) Sonst sind es ja immer nur die Scheißtypen die nur sich selbst im Focus haben. :( +0
Major 3rd
This is AWeSoME!!!! Lyrics, vocals, powerful!!!!The music is outstanding. The different layerings and nuances. "Already standing by!!" indeed. Fire! Remove the dross. Purification. The dehydrated falsehoods will burn away. Love this song..congrats...huge applause to Franky and Mortheol..Outstandiiiiing!! :D:):W Fire!+1
April 20 2018 15:02:12
Major 3rd
Major 3rd funny side note - I had it playing on this player and download, it began playing auto on that was 2 at same time offset speeds...just a lil offset..haha:D:D +1
April 21 2018 09:36:15
Major 3rd
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Craig. We are convinced that many people feel that way or feel something similar. And so we tried to give everyone a voice. Meanwhile, too many small groups try to impose their will on the vast majority. We have the impression that the madness and a huge selfishness are spreading rapidly across the whole world, without any consideration for other people. Or is that just more and more in the news because bad news may sell better than good? Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to listen and write this fantastic comment! Highly appreciated my friend. :W
Think this sounded really crazy lol, gives you a strange trip :D
Very interesting track, so well elaborated!! Congrats guys! I like the style, very mixed, very original.+1
April 21 2018 09:12:33
ColdPlasma Thank you very Demian! We find it absolute boring to do music where the listener draw a drawer and insert our music. that's metal, that's, jazz, that's pop, electro comes in, etc. We love to mix everything together wildly. Only the result counts, we must like it. If it pleases others, that's great. :D Thanx Demian. +2
April 21 2018 12:29:25
Demian That is a very contemporary concept. In the music and in art in general. No more closed styles, no more definited limits +1
Awesome track guys:)+1
April 21 2018 09:01:48
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Pete !! :) +1
Great stuff...Thanks for posting.+1
April 21 2018 09:00:09
ColdPlasma Thanks very much AC :) +0
:) awesome track brothers+1
April 21 2018 08:59:06
ColdPlasma Thank you so much Gary! :) +0
Awesome,Excellent and extraordinary work of you two, friends, it was worth listening to the entire recital, I love it :W:W+1
April 21 2018 08:58:15
ColdPlasma Thank you very very much Xavi :D :D
We know its a very long track 😁 And it's so great to say it's worth to listen the whole song, because we put much work in every minute.

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