For Pete's Ache

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Enjoyed playin' along with Slon and Pewi on this one. Pete, your sax has a unique tone that is appealing. :)


Very cool playing, Fish!!! Love your ideas and how you execute them with Beautiful tone nuances!!!!+1
April 20 2018 16:27:12
Fishinmissio Thanks Dan..always trying to break out of the norm..seems all I play sounds the same +1
April 20 2018 16:47:52
Itocpogo Repetition is needed to make good music!! Don't take my word for it. Many Jazz GREATS agree. Look at Jamey Aebersold book on improvising Jazz and see that it is needed to inspire the player to create, and the listener to feel connected to a melody during a player improvising! I listened to this again and no, you are not playing just the same thing and definitely I never heard you play like this! I found from studying the develop more and create new ideas by learning how to play at least one new idea with your standard licks, This builds your vocabulary! But always create what feels like "you". When you exercise to get stronger by lifting weights, it will not work unless you are consistent in actually exercising and most importantly in gradually increasing the weight you are lifting. So when you collaborate, work to introduce one new idea. I have done this over decades. Now if I was real successful, I would have made a career playing but I knew I could not but still worked on it to be "me"! That is all amateur musicians like us can do, but it is rewarding! +1
Sounds great Mark, beautiful Version. :)+0
Thank you for the big compliment :) Before I heard Dan`s version and now I enjoy your version! It gives me great pleasure to listen to both of you (I can learn a lot, if I listen well to both of you):)+2
April 19 2018 19:28:02
This is so very sultry and great oral sax!+2

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