Don't forget your bags

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
Major 3rd568 jams
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Czech Republic
Lenny Cowler942 jams
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United States
solozolo608 jams
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Lenny Cowler
Wow!!!Great singing, Thanks a lot:):W+1
April 24 2018 19:34:54
Lenny Cowler
solozolo :Y:W:Y +1
Oh Oh you come around
Telling me telling me what you want want me to do
I can’t help I can’t help but think think why………….why
Why you do the things things you do
But if I was to say to you that I let you go
Would you packed your bag
Whoaaaa pack your bags and go out the door
I said packed your bags I help you out the door
I don’t I don’t understand you no more
Constantly yelling anymore
Oh…….Let me help you out the door
I even carry your shit…..To your car
Because I can’t take it take it anymore
Constantly yelling and yelling louder louder louder all the time
I don’t………………understand
Why you do the things you do
Whoa …God
Let me help you out the door
I even carry your shit for you
Out to your car
Even open the door far you
Wave at you as you pull away

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