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Presenting my Orchestra & Accordion Medley Instruments played by Heidi-Marie are: Piano Accordion Melody Trumpet Melody Trombone Melody Xtra Bass Section Staccato Accompaniment Full Brass Accompaniment Tamborine Slow Jam Drummer Production Info: Production in Logic Pro X All EFX plugins by Apple Roland FA-08 All done, recorded and produced by Heidi-Marie Arapa This track has been mixed down with headphones adjustments may be required over the next few days when I have time. Talented Wikiloopers should you be interested in remixing & adding your instruments just send me an inbox & I will ...
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<3:o:D:D:o<3 This is really cool!!! It reminds me of music to a magic show or an acrobat performance...Bravo!!!+1
April 24 2018 04:14:06
HeidiMarie It was a fun track to create thank you for listening & the great feedback. :)<3:) +1
Maravilloso Heidi,beautiful :)+1
April 24 2018 04:14:16
HeidiMarie :)<3:) +1
wonderful track ;o)+1
April 24 2018 04:14:28
HeidiMarie :):) +0
What an interestig sound and idea, ! Something recognizable, yet diff. Cool!+1
April 24 2018 04:14:44
HeidiMarie :)<3:) +0
a very very good one Heidi...;););)+1
April 24 2018 04:14:58
HeidiMarie :)<3:) +1
Enjoyed. :)+1
September 21 2018 23:05:31
HeidiMarie :)<3:) +0
I fell in love with this track. I do not know if I'm doing an ad, but it's great fun to play :) :) :) => Thanks a lot for this music :)+0

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