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Just a guitar only track idea. Sort of blues funk or something? Needs everything & anything. 81 BPM Note to drums- has stops and pauses. I recorded with a metronome. From reviewing and listening it appears to be on time, but it will require noting the pause counts to land on proper down beat again. Each pause a little different. I'm not a drummer but I think you'll hear what I mean.
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blues funk


great template!!!! :) ;) :O very good work!!! I mwill try some guitar lines on it, soon!!! :) :)+2
April 22 2018 00:55:19
Major 3rd that would be awesome to hear! thank you:D jjdf!:):D +0
Soopa Funky. this has groove... yeah+1
April 21 2018 23:45:26
Major 3rd thanks bro! :D +0
Listen my friend I understand and sympathise with you that youโ€™re not a drummer, it must be real tough๐Ÿ˜Ž but donโ€™t take it too hard though, cause your really not that bad on that stringy thingy.๐Ÿ‘Œ
Donโ€™t worry you can get therapy for any timing issues LOL ๐Ÿ˜†
Seriously itโ€™s perfect my friend:W<3
April 22 2018 00:10:30
Major 3rd haha thanks PJE..lol true:) +1
April 22 2018 00:11:35
PJE I seriously love it my friend you are awesomely good +2
April 22 2018 00:37:48
Major 3rd ty a work in progress..lol :D:) +1
What can I say ? You know a love your stuff..timing and deliverly always top notch. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•+1
April 22 2018 00:30:15
Major 3rd thank you Tu!!:D:):D +0
I admire what and how you play here Craig! :):D+1
April 22 2018 15:56:27
Major 3rd and I admire your great tracks too!! .thank you much Rene!:):D +0
You have quite the little quirky funk blues going on here Craig!! I like it!!+1
April 22 2018 15:54:15
Major 3rd Thank you!!! thanks for your great drum add! woke this morning to notice and listen..wow. sounds awesome..thanks so much!! powerful drum add..cheers :) :D +0
Very cool track Craig. Nice groove and great sound. Really good idea.+1
April 22 2018 15:55:41
Major 3rd thank you peter! I appreciate..:):D +1
very good:)+1
April 22 2018 15:54:38
Lenny Cowler
Major 3rd thanks bro :) +1
love the sound and funky groove :)+1
April 22 2018 15:59:02
Major 3rd thanks bhunt1! :) +1
sounds really cool Major...;););)+1
April 22 2018 16:52:53
Major 3rd thank you Slin..:) +1

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