You Can Have Her

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United States
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United States
solozolo427 jams
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Great dirty sounding blues+1
You can have her
Because I don’t want her
Because all she wanted
Was someone to play with
Now I have seen her on a sunny day
I have seen her when it rain
I seen her on a cloudy day
But I have never seen her act this way
No No no
So as far as I am concern
You can have her just the same
She always comes around
Asking for things I don’t have
I don’t I don’t know
What to do anymore more with her
You can have her
Because I don’t want her anymore
She seems to always need
She seems to always beg
She seems to always want more and more
She always coming in and out the door
Well I don’t know
But you can have her anyway
Now when she comes crawling back
You better watch your back
She don’t mine taking that knife
And planting planting it in your back
Oh yea you can have her Have her
Because I I I I don’t need her no more
Now I’ve seen her on a good day
I’ve seen her on a bad day
And I’ve seen her on a sunny day
And I’ve seen her on a rainy day
But you can have her
Because I I don’t want her

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