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Another woodswind piece ive been working on for a while.. currently, i dont do much music, i spend momre time on drawing instead.. but sometimes i open the daw and fiddle abit. I feel like i tend to get some really nice ideas like this one, but they are just so hard to build upon and finish without any musical theory knowledge.. these pieces get quite complicated if you ask me.. So yea, if you have any ideas. throw it at ...


So cool!! :)+0
Wooow. Lovely classical track Soren ! The harp would fit well with this.+0
this is a cool track ! you should post more of these :)+1
April 25 2018 21:18:33
Pedersen I surely will, but for some reason its just rare i sit down and produce music these days..

I have this dream of writing a piece in sonata form one fine day, but it takes countless hours for me without much music knowledge.
April 25 2018 21:19:27
OliVBee spend the next decade on it ? +1
April 25 2018 21:23:33
Pedersen It will happen, i am still just 23.. many years to come.

And when it happens, this will be the first place i upload it. :)
Sounds like Prokofiev, excellent job.+1
April 25 2018 20:14:10
Pedersen Not the first time i hear this about my music, i should perhaps give him a deep listen. +0
April 25 2018 20:17:00
Pedersen I actually have been messing around with making this into a piano piece only.. it sounds quite nice, and i can surely see what you and others mean about prokofiev.. he has this "funny but insane" kind of vibe to him.

(Listening to Prokofievs Piano Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 1 atm)
April 25 2018 20:17:30
Pedersen He is however, a master and im just a meer peasant! but thanks for the compliment anyways haha. +1
April 25 2018 20:18:43
ArkRockStudio Prokofiev came to mind because of his great piece "peter and the wolf." Hope to hear more from you. +1
April 25 2018 21:20:46
Pedersen #55136 those exact words came to my old project too. :) feel free to give it a listen, unfortunately i never finished the piece and lost my old laptop so i dont have the save file anymore, except the melody line, so it surely is something ill try to recreate in a better manner.

i have so many "small" sections in d minor.. hopefully i can do some magic and connect it all one day and make a full piece.
Yesss, that sounds fantastic👍👌🎶🎶+1
April 25 2018 20:14:47
Pedersen Thank you. +0
This is the kind of music that is lacking on wikiloops!:D:Y+2
April 25 2018 20:01:43
ArkRockStudio I could totally hear you narrate something really funny over this. +1
April 25 2018 20:14:55
Pedersen Haha :) +1

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